Yoga programs

Does anyone know of any great yoga programs i can do at home? I would like to download a program but am unsure of what to get! Something basic but still somewhat challenging. I am really wanting to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


  • yoginimary
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    Try your local library, yoga journal podcast (or others), and you tube videos - all are free, so you're not out anything.

    Also try going to a class, I think you'll get a lot out of it.
  • SJackson50
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    I really like Rodney Yee...and Jillian Michael's Yoga Meltdown is challenging.
    Good luck and enjoy!
  • fitandgeeky
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    I second Rodney Yee! You can find some of his vids on youtube as well. Good luck.
  • Thanks so much guys! i will check out Rodney Yee!
  • shano25
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    Yes Rodney Yee is amazing. There is a dvd I like called Elements AM/PM Yoga. I mostly do the PM part before bed, it's very nice and relaxing. Anything by Gaiam is really good. I find the videos that have celebrities tend to be less about the whole experience of yoga and more about exercise - for example I like The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga as exercise but if you're looking for more of the mental/emotional benefits they don't have any of that.
  • marinegirl92
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    Good for you!

    YOGA is awesome.

    If you're new to yoga I would HIGHLY recommend taking a beginner class with a good instructor. The instructor will help guide you into the correct body alignment - either through verbal cues or actually helping to reposition your body into the particular pose.

    Unfortunately videos can't teach you that ;(

    Yeah for you!
  • freasabreze
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  • a_mandolin_
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    Another vote for Rodney Yee. I have one for flexability and strength (1 disk, 2 programs, about 20 minutes each) and another for total body which is maybe 40 minutes?

    Granted, I don't use them much, but he has a relaxing voice, with relaxing music and no added jibber jabber to distract you like others I've seen.