Fast food places do you frequent and what do you get there?

Being on a health kick has eliminated small restaurants that do not post calories, and pushed me towards places with calories posted, which mostly tend to be chains.
I am a bit bored with my selections and looking for fresh ideas.

So I mostly get Pret -- small 290 cal sandwich (or half baguette sandwich) and lentil and couscous pod (100 cal).

Or Cosi signature salad without blue cheese but with regular dressing (fat is a must have for nutrients to be absorbed properly). I eat 1/3 of the flatbread.

I tried Chop'd, was not so impressed, but I guess it is passable.

I like the Yogurt Land place, but too far from me.

My downfall -- Pret's almond croissant.... Yum. I am trying to limit it to one time per week now. Sometimes I fold and get it twice a week. But I used to get it every day, and on occasions when I see them taking the hot ones out of the oven I used to get 2. Ouch.

There is also Le Pain Quotidien (to go section is nothing imaginative) and Chipotle (though if I go there I'd have to get no rice, no sour cream, no cheese) and eat half.

What about you? What do you eat frequently and what is your downfall?


  • ahviendha
    ahviendha Posts: 1,291 Member
    chipotle! they know me and my bf on sight..haha

    brown rice bowl, fajita veggies, half chicken half steak, hot sauce, lettuce and guac.

  • lorib75
    lorib75 Posts: 490 Member
    I'm doing Atkins ( keep it to yourself please) and if I go to McDonald's I usually get a McDouble no bun.
  • dewsmom78
    dewsmom78 Posts: 498 Member
    I'm in a smaller town, so I eat subway when I'm eating healthy. My favorite fast food is Culvers. And actually a single hamburger is only 300 calories, so it's not terrible, just have a salad with it instead of a a large fri and coke. I treat myself to Culvers about once a month.
  • freshstart14
    freshstart14 Posts: 49 Member
    I'm in NYC too and I struggle with this. I get Hale & Hearty a lot when they have soup that I like that is also lower in calorie on that day's menu.. I also sometimes get a salad they mix there.

    Cosi's tuscan chicken sandwich isn't too bad for half.

    Europa cafe also has some soups but they tend to be crazy high in sodium.

    I tend to eat the same things over and over if I don't bring my own food because it takes me forever to plan out a lunch that isn't high in cals.
  • alasin1derland
    alasin1derland Posts: 575 Member
    Harveys, original burger, salad, diet pepsi
  • bananapancakebella
    I get a big mac at least weekly.
  • yellowdog52
    Chipotle: Chicken salad, black beans, plenty of salsa. Hold the rice, sour cream, and cheese. Throw on some guacamole if I've been good.
  • exquisitecadavre
    I go to Chipotle! =]
    I get a bowl with brown rice, chicken, hot salsa, and sour cream (yes, I love sour cream so I get it no cheese).
  • zillah73
    zillah73 Posts: 505 Member
    Only "fast food" I ever eat is Subway. Either 6" Veggie Delight or Veggie Patty on Whole Wheat, no mayo.
  • Bevkus
    Bevkus Posts: 274 Member
    6 piece chicken nugget meal with salad instead of fries
  • AmyMgetsfit
    AmyMgetsfit Posts: 636 Member
    I don't really care for fast food. I will eat Culvers maybe 4 or 5 times a year, usually when I am coming back from the airport. I love their breaded pork tenderloin, but oh so not healthy for you. I like their fish sandwich also. I am not a french fry lover.

    Also Panda Express maybe once a year, I like the orange chicken and steamed rice
  • transvenouspacer
    transvenouspacer Posts: 182 Member
    Taco Bell-2 Chicken Fresco tacos (150 cals each)

    Subway- 6" Club with all veggies, no dressing (350 cals)

    Panda Express-Kung Pao Chicken, Peppercorn Shrimp, or Black Pepper Chicken with veggies and/or steamed rice (about 240-350
    cals with veggies)

    Rubio's Fresh Mex-3 carnitas street tacos (100 cals each)

    I've never eaten at Chipotle but I've made a solemn promise to myself that someday I will!
  • nokanjaijo
    nokanjaijo Posts: 466 Member
    There is a place here in San Diego called Rubio's that I adore. I also do Chipotle, burrito bowl with no rice. After that it is pretty much Souplantation (Sweet Tomato) or a local Thai place called Kati. If I'm not eating at one of those places, I'm cooking.
  • skydiveD30571
    skydiveD30571 Posts: 281 Member
    I'm doing Atkins ( keep it to yourself please) and if I go to McDonald's I usually get a McDouble no bun.

    That made me laugh. Nevermind the fact that so many people know of the major health consequences that can be associated with that diet, just don't say anything.

    Another Chipotle fan! Burrito bowl eliminates the tortilla, and you can pack it with meats and beans and veggies. And with their nutritional calculator online you can custom create a meal based on your macros for the day.
  • Selunca
    Selunca Posts: 208 Member
    Wendy's Chili, 310 calories for a large with nothing added. Though the sodium is out of this world so I try to limit it, but its so good, especially during the winter. <3
  • ModoVincere
    ModoVincere Posts: 530 Member
    Chipolte and Zaxby's are about it for fast food for me.
    At chipotle I get a burrito bowl with I don't go very often.
    At Zaxby's it's wings 'n things with nuclear I don't go very often.
  • dodgersprincess
    Subway, and I like to get something that is less then 500 Cal. then i get the Green Tea and there goes that.
  • scress0514
    scress0514 Posts: 51 Member
    WOW, I havent eaten fast food in 5-6 yrs
  • tangerine6392
    tangerine6392 Posts: 7 Member
    Panera Bread. I get a chicken Caesar salad. Not because its healthy, I just like it. And a baguette since they're yummy. I also do Subway, I get a 6" wheat sub with ham lettuce and mustard. I realllllly need to try Chipotle. I've been wanting to try it for like a year and just haven't had a chance.
  • cindygretz
    My new addiction is Hardees Grilled Cod, low carb (no bun)