Is it possible?



  • babymariss33
    babymariss33 Posts: 17 Member
    I would say it is definitely possible, but like someone said above, try to switch up the activities you do for exercise. If you have a gym membership take some group classes. I was terrified of them but they turned out to be the most fun I have ever had exercising! Step Aerobics and Kick boxing are awesome! Also, we are getting into spring so try to get outside and jog/walk some trails! Going up hills really gets your heart going! And dont be discouraged if you dont get all the way down to 130, I am sure you will look amazing! Good Luck!
  • MaryB2
    MaryB2 Posts: 331 Member
    I'm concerned about your long term goal weight. 111 lbs at your height is not healthy.
  • lorenzoinlr
    lorenzoinlr Posts: 338 Member
    Two things:
    1/ Setting a short term date target and going for an aggressive speed of weight loss is a recipe to get stressed, lose motivation, lose lean body mass rather than fat and ultimately give up. A slow, steady, loss brought about by small & sustainable changes is much better long term IMO.
    2/ Your exercise routine sounds deadly dull and almost like a punishment! Although walking is fine it's hardly a full body workout. Isn't there something you would actually enjoy? Dancing, cycling, classes, fitness DVD, sports?

    Agreed. It's not likely you'll do well in a marathon if you're running it like a sprint....