Finally, People Are Noticing

jonibc Posts: 104 Member
I started my journey on August 4 and have lost 33 lbs with a goal loss of 50. I used to go around in totally frumpy clothes, unisex-type shoes, little or no make-up, and my haircuts were always long overdue. I was going gray and had no intention of doing anything about it. Since I've lost weight, I've felt better and started feeling like I want to look better. I've bought new clothes and accessories, new girl shoes with heels, learned new make-up techniques (youTube), gotten manicures, and a new haircut and color. I even had my teeth whitened. I look forward to putting outfits together to wear to work each day. It's fun to feel like I look good. I haven't done this since my mid-20s. But no one except my closest friends seemed to notice. I know it's been slow, all these little changes over a 7 month period and losing about 1 pound a week, but I was beginning to wonder if I really looked different at all. Finally, this week, it clicked with people. Several folks at work commented on my weight loss. I have enough confidence and self-esteem (now) to know I look better but it sure is nice to finally have other people notice.


  • rousehouse
    rousehouse Posts: 133 Member
    That's a great story! Congratulations, you should be very proud.
  • Honeybea86
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    There is a saying for this, something like in one month you'll start to see the changes, in two months your closest friends and family will start to see changes, and in 3 months others will see it. Congrats on getting to the everyone is noticing your great accomplishment. Keep up the new you, it sounds fabulous!
  • jdhosier
    jdhosier Posts: 315 Member
    It is very nice when others notice, but like you said, you feel better and look better. It most important that you know. Well done.

  • Bibianna2012
    Bibianna2012 Posts: 88 Member
  • drosen32
    drosen32 Posts: 23 Member
    Great job! I think people are hesitant to comment due to a number of reasons, but once someone breaks the ice, more will follow. Keep at it. Your weight loss will pay big dividends for years to come! Kudos.
  • Jodibear58
    Jodibear58 Posts: 280 Member
    Nice job! Enjoy yourself! You don't have to impress anyone other than yourself, so have fun with it!
  • Daysednconfused
    Daysednconfused Posts: 975 Member
    It's important that you know, but I agree that it's important to hear it from others as well. I've lost almost 50 lbs and my daughter went from saying "have you lost weight?" (this was after 45 lbs) to "You are losing too much weight. You just look older." OK, whatever! Enjoy your new found (old) self!! You deserve it!
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