Anyone in their 20's?



  • xxanishxx
    xxanishxx Posts: 212
    21 friendss
  • emelia_
    emelia_ Posts: 91
    I'll be there in a few months, feel free to add me as well :)
  • BookofJenny
    BookofJenny Posts: 96 Member
    Hi everyone! I am 22, nearly 23 and I have been here a lot longer than I thought! Feel free to add me, everyone needs support and my MFP family just keeps growing :) can't wait to see some new faces.
  • Irontri7
    Irontri7 Posts: 143 Member
    I'm 28. :ohwell: Anyone can add me
  • Flan656
    Flan656 Posts: 24 Member
    I'm 23, add me!! :)
  • jamiec87
    jamiec87 Posts: 7
    I'm 25 and am all about having new friends!
  • xDaniix
    xDaniix Posts: 51
    Hey! I'm 28, feel free to add me, anyone else can too :) always good to have new friends!
  • Antjebeth08
    Antjebeth08 Posts: 42 Member
    I'm 22 and always looking for new friends on here. I've lost quite a bit but still trying to lose more and its hard to stay motivated some days.
  • vikkistarr89
    vikkistarr89 Posts: 122 Member
    I am 23! I have used the app for a long time but this is the first time i've looked at the messageboard!
  • 24 here :)

    On here all the time so feel free to add me x
  • Papalov100
    Papalov100 Posts: 1,593 Member
    l"M 24 soon to be 25 feel free to add me i would love new friends
  • im 23 feel free to add me :) x
  • RacheeeRay
    RacheeeRay Posts: 46 Member
    24 here! Love having new friends on here! Feel free to add! :wink:
  • RUNN3Rmom
    RUNN3Rmom Posts: 441
    I am on my 3rd anniversay of being 29...does that count?!?
  • skiersteve12345
    skiersteve12345 Posts: 89 Member
    21 here :)
  • 25, here. Anyone can add me.
  • EdTheGinge
    EdTheGinge Posts: 1,616 Member
    We like to hide but here we are, 24
  • XRavenhood
    XRavenhood Posts: 102
    I'm 27, a vagabond from Canada. Currently weighing 140lbs, looking to lose weight And get muscular and weigh in around 130-133lbs. Feel free to add me! I'll be happy to make some friends on here =)
  • katedevall
    katedevall Posts: 240 Member
    Thanks for the replies everyone (: I've added all of you
  • danicaliforn1a
    danicaliforn1a Posts: 46 Member
    Hi Everyone, Im 26 years old. Add me if you need some friends in their 20's to help motivate you.