Need Workout Buddy, but Can't seem to Find one!

I'm needing some help!

I really have a hard time getting myself into the 'working out' mode, even though I look at myself in the mirror everyday and hate what i see (in terms of body image)

I don't have many friends or family that live near me - the only one who would even be able to, my sister, works a different schedule than me & with her having two kids, me none, it's hard for us to ever meet up and try to work out together.

I just need some help in finding somebody or keeping myself accountable for working out. I've tried to 'trick myself' into being accountable by getting gym memberships - still never went - by signing up for a 5k - never trained and never went....I just don't know what to do!

I tried to convince my boyfriend to do it with me & he's no help. If anything, he wants to spend time with me/also concerned for my safety of going to the park by 4 in the afternoon with all kinds of people there - but anyways...after work & usually ends up being the one to convince me not to workout before I come home. And once I get home - it's over, no working out in sight at all. To make matters worse - his parents live with us which is great, but his dad loves to cook REALLY heavy foods like everyday & he cooks soooo much each time it's hard to justify making a completely separate meal for myself so I just try to eat small portions of everything to not make it so bad....I rarely go over my calories which is good but I'm not sure everything is accurate when it comes to dinner lol.

So I'm just struggling to try and find the right balance & also to figure out how to find a workout buddy or just some sorta of way to hold myself accountable for working out....any suggestions, anybody?

Thanks in advance!:flowerforyou:


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    post an ad on Craigslist for a work out buddy!
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    Maybe try to get your work into it? My office has a corporate discount on a gym nearby and I go 3 times a week with coworkers. we are having a "biggest loser" type competition.
  • post an ad on Craigslist for a work out buddy!

    That might be kinda sketchy. If you do that, bring your boyfriend or something with you when you go meet up with her.
  • beckysiz
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    post an ad on Craigslist for a work out buddy!

    That might be kinda sketchy. If you do that, bring your boyfriend or something with you when you go meet up with her.

    Just meet in public.

    Or try
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    Maybe a coworker?
  • I wouldnt post an ad anywhere... Thats inviting trouble....

    I would just be more social with those at the gym... I recently moved half way across the country and had the same issue.... I found that just by talking to people I feel more comfortable at the gym and even have people working out with me....

    Just like on here.. you'll develop a support group....
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    where do you live?:smile:
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    I have the same problem, so I check out the local groups on MFP and found people who live around me. We are planning on meeting up for hikes and such. That might be a way that is less sketchy than a Craigslist ad.
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    I agree, talk to people at the gym or do a member search on here (MFP) for people in your area and send them messages..
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    I use my buddies here. I put it out that I was doing XXX and if you don't see the workout appear before midnight you need to hound me and find out WTF is going on. They are wonderful and never let me 'forget' or make excuses as to why I am not working out.

    You need to do this for yourself. You cannot rely on someone else. I had a workout buddy, you know what happened? She went on holdays and I stopped working out, she came back from holidays and I still didn't work out I just quit. If you are determined enough you will find a way. I now work out in the morning (usually) by myself in front of my TV.

    But I had to come to terms with the fact that I had to rely on me and no one else.
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    Well good luck. I have been trying for 2 years. Most folks at the gym want to put on the headphones and get it done. People at work could give a rat about exercise. I did have one guy that would go a couple of times a week, but he gave up. I did meet some folks in a class at the Y, but they gave up. I tried Meet-Ups that never happened.

    The best I have done is meeting a handful of MFP-ers at road races. There is a local running club, but I have had a lot of conflicts with their meeting schedule.

    Some things you have to do regardless of whether others do or it not.
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    ive always found workout buddies can be a double edged sword. they can motivate you but they can also encourage you to make bad decisions. And they offer a convenient excuse for you not to work out if they are sick, busy, or just not feeling it. I would rather put my shoes on and go when I am ready rather than trying to schedule something with someone else.
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    remember that work out can be more than just going to the gym. You, your sister and the 2 kids could go to a skating ring, or go to the park together and play. I go dancing (joined a dancing studio about 5 years ago and learned how to partner dance), the jumpolines if they have them there. you are thinking working out has to be boring and in a gym... it can also be fun. I lost most my weight by having fun!!
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    I was just like you. Wanted to work out and had no one to go with, even joined the gym. But once I came home from work and my butt was planted on the couch or I started to do home things, working out was the last thing I wanted to do. So..... what worked for me was bringing my gym clothes to work and actually changing at work then head straight for the gym (you can change at the gym too but I found that with workout clothes already on you are more motivated to actually GO to the gym). It becomes almost like part of your workday. Once your workout is over, you go home and start your evening. Also the more you go to the gym the more comfortable you are about being there. I know how daunting it can be when you first walk in.

    Good luck, and remember the first step is the hardest. It gets easier from there :smile:
  • Great ideas so far. Also…

    When starting an exercise program, the first thing you have to do is find something that you like to do. When you signed up for the 5k and then didn’t train, did you blow it off because you don’t actually like to run? If you did, then start looking for something you actually like to do. (This sounds like a no-brainer, doesn’t it? However, I forced myself to get through almost the whole couch to 5k program before I finally admitted that I really don’t like to run.) If you like to run but you need some help training, check with a local sports shoe store. Most of them run various training groups from couch to 5ks to marathon programs. You’ll have a group to train with for encouragement and safety and you’ll meet new running buddies.

    You also need to work with your energy level. I do my workouts first thing in the morning before work because I’m one of those dreadful morning people. I would love to take various classes in the evening but I just don’t have the energy level for it. Since there aren’t many gyms open in the morning, especially with classes, I do dvds at home. Find the time that works best for you and schedule your workout into your day.

    Is there some kind of challenge group on mfp that helps with accountability?

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    Go to your gym for a couple weeks and find someone that is there the same time you are and talk to them..or talk to the staff, maybe they have a group activity that will help you meet someone to workout with
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    If you cannot find the support to go with you in person or hold you accountable; use the people here on MFP. You can add me as a buddy if you want.
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    My dog is my workout buddy. She is not as much fun when I am trying to do advance yoga poses as she is at running though.
    If I am going to go to the gym I do not go home after work I go straight to the gym.
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    Join a gym of some kind. I joined a kickboxing dojo. Talk about out of my comfort zone but I loved it! Each one is so different. Try Curves or a fitness class at a gym or a work out facility of any kind. I went through MANY partners working out (as we work out in pairs) and many flaked out, gave excuses that allowed me to slack off, etc. I finally found one that stuck with it. You just have to motivate yourself and find a way to do it yourself, not waiting on others (boyfriend, etc). My husband, at best, will go for a walk with me and it is at a snails pace. If you want it bad enough, find a way. Get out of your comfort zone as what you are doing isn't working, right? Great suggestions to search on this site for people close or post your plan and know your friends should motivate you to get it done!