New to this site/ app. I was wondering if it takes into account specific conditions or diseases people have that make it more difficult for us to lose or gain weight unlike normal people (normal meaning people who don't have these problems).

Other than that I was wondering if anyone here had Hypothyroidism and what you did/ do to lose weight, preferably without the aid of thyroid medication. What is a good diet for us with this condition? Some foods considered to be healthy and aid in weight loss aren't the best for us, for various reasons, with Hypothyroidism.

Thanks in advance :)


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    i'm hypothyroid and I've lost 12kg in 71 days. Why on earth don't you want to take the meds?
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    I question why you're not medicated as well. If it's for financial reasons, please find any way you can to be seen and treated for this condition. It's *really* important. Your thyroid is a really important gland, and when it's not working properly, there are other things going wrong with your body because of it.

    No, MFP does not take into account people's diseases. If you were properly medicated for your hypothyroid, there's no reason you couldn't lose weight like a normal person (unless there is some other serious reason). I'm hypo and I have PCOS, but still managed to lose 35lb. Proper medication is key. It won't help you lose the weight, but it will take down the huge obstacles that stand in your way.

    After that, eating within your calorie goal, getting in a little exercise every day, should yield some results. I lost my weight from reducing the serving size of food I already enjoyed eating and walking (3.5-4.0 MPH) 40 minutes a day 5 days a week. It doesn't have to be difficult. Good luck.
  • vangberg91
    If I don't take my medicine I'll die because my thyroid isn't working at all... So take your medicine it can be seriously dangerous if you don't...

    I lose weight fastest when I avoid starchy food... Bread, rices, corn, potatoes, pasta... But it isn't healthy to avoid them completely. Also I do cardiovascular and strength training. I avoid sugar as much as possible, but it can be hard when my body is tired. Though after the "sugar-rush" I'm even more tired, so sugar is definitely bad for me.

    My advice would be: eat healthy and varied. Drink water and do your exercises. But first take your medicine! You will lose weight eventually...
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    First and foremost, you need to take your meds. A person who doesn't produce enough natural thyroid hormone and chooses not to take their meds can, at its worst, fall into a COMA! I have several doctors in my family and one is an Endocrinologist. He has had patients fall into a thyodridic coma and it can result in death. I have been hypothyroid for 10 years and lost many pregnancies due to my TSH being too high. Your thyroid is the regulator for your body and you won't lose weight or get better without meds, you just won't! You can get Synthroid at places like Wal-Mart dirt cheap. Don't wait till it is too late, please take care of yourself.
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    I agree with the previous responders - thyroid meds are inexpensive and very effective. I have been on them for just over a year and my weight loss has been steady, but more importantly, my hair is better, my skin is better and I'm better able to regulate my body temperature.
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    I have it and was THRILLED when I got it diagnosed and medicated. Thyroid issues can lead to other problems as well. Like infertility, obvious weight gain, moodiness, depression, tiredness, and low metabolism which can ALSO make it more difficult to process sugar, which can lead to things like insulin resistance. I highly recommend that you do take the medication, it's a very small cost!
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    Although there are natural ways to boost your thyroid and I do try to get those in, hypothyroidism is a serious medical condition. If you're that set against taking medications to help then I'd carefully follow natural ways to boost your thyroid and have your levels checks frequently to ensure those practices are working. I'd also have a serious discussion with my doctor about wanting to avoid medications and natural alternatives. I take levothyroxine for my hypothyroidism and I lose weight just like most people. I spent a couple years blaming my thyroid for my gradual weight gain but plain & simple, I was getting older, exercising less and eating the same. Over 5 years I put on about 30 pounds and since June/July 2012 I've lost about 40.

    MFP does not take into account a persons medical conditions, it is only a tool to help us. We are all different and our bodies will react differently to caloric deficits and exercise. Your personal progress is not going to be exactly as MFP suggests, even if you were otherwise healthy with no thyroid problems.
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    If I didn't take my thyroid meds it would be impossible to loose weight. The meds are restoring hormone levels your body cannot produce. It is in your best interest to take the meds. Depending on your TSH levels you could end up in a coma or worse without it.