Tank top ARMS

Are your arms TANK TOP ready? Want to work those bi's and tri's? Do these 2 simple exercises to wow everyone in your tank top this summer. AND a tip: Do 10-12 reps with pretty heavy weights so you fail by 10-12. If you get to 12 and it was easy then you need to go heavier. Do 3-4 SETS of these exercises.


If you have Q on these or any other strength training workouts, find me on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/kelli.hulst.1


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    Your daughter is so cute! Good video too. :)
  • I just started dieting and I lost about 30lbs and i noticed my arms still stayed with my old body. I wanted to know how heavy were the weights you used? I also have a very busy schedule with work, school and kids. How often should i do these exercises. Typically I try to exercise before I go to work or start my day and then when I get off?

    **ps chloe made the video awesome**
  • My arms are finally tank top-ready. I still have a strong tan line starting at my elbows from last summer. Definitely wearing the tank top this summer.
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    Thanks, for posting this I'm starting to have saggy skin in my arms from where I have lost so much weight already and I definitely think this will help the arms look better! :happy:
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