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What do you eat when you have cals left?

Hiya guys,

I'm currently trying to shift my last 10lbs and have recently upped my cals to 1739 as per my TDEE - 10%. However I'm finding that I'm full enough in the day, and then it gets to around 8pm and I realise I have around 400-600 cals left. Especially if I've had salad for lunch or dinner. I eat fruit for snacks during the day so maybe this is where I need some higher calorie, but still healthy, alternatives?

I don't want to eat for the sake of it, but I do work out so I also don't want to be too far off my number otherwise doing TDEE - 10% is surely pointless?!

What can I stock up on for days like today where I've got 450 cals left? Low on the carbs if possible, I struggle with keeping my carbs low.

Thanks xxx


  • vashnic
    vashnic Posts: 93
    Cheese and nut platter is always very satisfying.
  • diaryofaskinnygirl
    Peanut Butter!
  • sarahwilson12
    sarahwilson12 Posts: 70 Member
    Air popped popcorn with a tiny little bit of margarine (or butter) & salt. It's not that many calories & is SO filling. Add a banana smoothie (milk, ice cubes, & a banana), and I'm good to go. Altogether, it's about 400 calories. So, not exactly a "light" snack, but very filling & satisfying :smile:
  • EmmaKarney
    EmmaKarney Posts: 690 Member
    I pre-plan the day in advance (and tweak as i go) so that i can incorporate my calories into my meals and try to avoid having any '"spare"
  • Tomhoffman84
    Definitely peanut butter, especially that nutrition brand one with the various flavors. Peanut butter, banana, 1 cup greek plain yogurt, throw it in the magic bullet and you are good to go!
  • MinnesotaMark
    MinnesotaMark Posts: 2 Member
    Peanut Butter, Cottage Cheese (low fat), Protien bars that are light on sugars are a good filler and you get to eat something that tastes sweet!
  • DenyseMarieL
    DenyseMarieL Posts: 673 Member
    Anything healthy. No point in filling up on empty calories.
  • SquidgySquidge
    SquidgySquidge Posts: 239 Member
    Well I have cals left over tonight so I'm having a cup of tea and some Nairns Fruit and Spice Oat Biscuits - yum!

    But I normally have an avocado. I am addicted to them :laugh:
  • conniemaxwell5
    conniemaxwell5 Posts: 943 Member
    Half an avocado, nuts, low fat cheese, glass of milk (cow, almond, soy - your choice)
  • meeper123
    meeper123 Posts: 3,347 Member
    Dark chocolate :)
  • chels0722
    chels0722 Posts: 465 Member
    Peanut Butter!

    Ah! I can't remember a day without it!
  • Missjulesdid
    Missjulesdid Posts: 1,444 Member
    Add half an avocado and a handful of cashews to that salad and you'll be good.
  • MeeshyBW
    MeeshyBW Posts: 382 Member
    Anything healthy. No point in filling up on empty calories.

    ^^^ THIS!

    I almost always fill up on full fat greek yoghurt with a sprinkle of oats.
  • petejjcharlton
    petejjcharlton Posts: 20 Member
    Hazelnuts, Walnuts and Brazil nuts, i guess i go a little NUTS!!! This is usually to make up my 1000 or so calories I have over at the end of each day.
  • XXXMinnieXXX
    XXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,459 Member
    Cheese and crackers. Only need a couple of crackers with a wedge of cheese on to get to 400 cals.

    2 oz nuts is 350-400. All healthy fats and low carb

    Bag of plain crisps / chips with houmous 320ish..
  • ecw3780
    ecw3780 Posts: 608 Member
    Dark Chocolate chips and a TBSP of peanut butter!
  • Weebs628
    Weebs628 Posts: 574 Member
    Ice cream.
  • ApexLeader
    ApexLeader Posts: 580 Member
    almonds, peanut butter, cashews, walnuts. all good

    or string cheese.
  • DPernet
    DPernet Posts: 481 Member
    Pretty much anything I want as long as it fits in :wink:
  • Maddalen101
    Maddalen101 Posts: 307 Member
    Oatmeal with raisins and a teaspoon of jam.
    Brown rice with raisins and a little milk (ingredients of rice pudding without all the fat!)
    Homemade cake (pumpkin spice cake is my fave)
    Or ... sometimes I just will have some sorbet.