Almond Milk uses?

After reading all the raves over Almond Milk, I picked some up yesterday at the grocery store. I got the Silk, Original and tried it over my cereal and could not tell any difference in it and regular lowfat milk. I never have been a big milk drinker, but know I need to increase my intake.

So I'm wondering if anyone has any other suggestions for it's use??



  • hungrymarathongirl
    hungrymarathongirl Posts: 444 Member
    I use it in smoothies all the time. And coffee. More flavorful and less calories. I use Almond Breeze.
  • sarahsmom1
    sarahsmom1 Posts: 1,501 Member
    puddings, and shakes it thickens fast. I use almond breeze also
  • Mirlyn
    Mirlyn Posts: 256
    I get the Almond Breeze in vanilla and chocolate. I hated regular milk and love almond milk. The flavored ones have a little more calories but they're still within reason for me (120 cals for 8oz of chocolate almond milk I think and 90 cals for vanilla 8oz.) I use it in my cereal, I make milkshakes out of the chocolate almond breeze and bananas with a little ice, I drink them straight, use them in smoothies. I have a friend that uses her vanilla in whole grain pancake batter and loves it.
  • bonitatica
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    check out this link..

    i use the blue diamond brand for almond milk but on their website they list several recipes for all their products including the milk. see if this helps
  • aproc
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    I use it mostly for cereal, coffee, and just to drink alone. I get the almond breeze vanilla unsweetened. I don't buy regular milk anymore. :P
  • danazsweet
    danazsweet Posts: 52
    Whenever a recipe calls for milk, I use the almond milk instead. I love it!