Progress not yet Success

wffolkes Posts: 186 Member
As im only half way to my goal I contemplated not putting up this pic yet however after I took the pic this morning I wanted to reflect on my progress so far.

I lost 23lbs and 7% body fat.

My goal is to reach 15% body fat which should be around 180lbs.

So far its taken me 4 -5 months to come this far however I could have got here quicker but I had a few cheeky McDonalds and birthday cake along the way.

Right now im in the Zone and in the next 2 months I will be even more toned and defined.

I'm eating around 1600 - 1700 calories and losing around 2lbs a week but ive hit a plateau along the way. I train 4 - 5 days a week 3 days Circuit/strength training 2 days cardio(Hiit intervals). I go my lunch break so train no longer than 40mins.

I am prepared to maintain for a month or 2 when I hit my goal and then go hard again to try and drop to 10 - 12% body fat.



  • rainghirl
    rainghirl Posts: 203 Member
    You're looking really good so far. It's nice to see other people are progressing and having success too.
  • wffolkes
    wffolkes Posts: 186 Member
    Thanks :) made my day
  • wllwsmmr
    wllwsmmr Posts: 391 Member
    You look amazing!! Inspiring transformation :) All the best with your subsequent goals!!!!
  • Supern0va81
    Supern0va81 Posts: 168 Member
    This is great and really motivational - I am at a similar loss with a similar routine and also now trying to jump off this plateau and on the slide down again. You are doing so well and look great for it. Keep up the motivation and have your goals in sight!
  • mohanj
    mohanj Posts: 381 Member
    You look great. Your picture shows progress as well as success. Keep it up.
  • tomg33
    tomg33 Posts: 305 Member
    Good stuff mate, keep it up!
  • Mads1997
    Mads1997 Posts: 1,494 Member
    looking good so far! Congrats
  • BigDnSW
    BigDnSW Posts: 641 Member
    Progress is success. Success is progress over time. This is not about perfection, but progress. You're doing just fine :wink:
  • BluLotus2
    BluLotus2 Posts: 87
    Keep up the good work!!
  • gomisskellygo
    gomisskellygo Posts: 635 Member
    You look great! Awesome progress!
  • xiamjackie
    xiamjackie Posts: 611 Member
    You look great! Congratulations!
  • makeitallsue
    makeitallsue Posts: 3,086 Member
    Ripped Dude! Looking good!! :drinker:
  • kittyhorn
    kittyhorn Posts: 112 Member
    Great progress!!
  • ayanna32
    ayanna32 Posts: 83 Member
    You look great! Keep it up!
  • teaspoon43
    teaspoon43 Posts: 238 Member
    you look great - nice underwear! =)
  • jonesin_am
    jonesin_am Posts: 404 Member
    Looking hot! Congrats on your progress...which is success!
  • stephcampbell77
    Awesome work so far!
  • wffolkes
    wffolkes Posts: 186 Member
    Thanks everyone your comments gave me a real boost to push myself further in the gym today... :o)
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