Get in shape for summer 2013 !!

Hey everyone :)

I'm Michelle, and I'm 19 from Minnesota. This past year I've been up and down with getting to a healthier lifestyle! Over the winter I have been struggling with motivation and feel like I am starting from square 1 :( I LOVE to lift, but my diet has not been on track so my results aren't showing like I would like. Just looking for positive people looking to change in a healthy way :) Add me for motivation/support/whatever !


  • chicanita91
    chicanita91 Posts: 154 Member
    Welcome!! I'm from Wisconsin and this weather is not really motivating for me either lol. I'll add you :)
  • JeanDescole
    JeanDescole Posts: 152
    The weather here in England is cold and rainy, sometimes even snowy right now... i'll add you!
  • Lovett123
    Lovett123 Posts: 55 Member
    Hey! I'm from England and I'm slimming down for summer too! I'll add you! We could all use the support :)
  • TamOzFit
    TamOzFit Posts: 5 Member
    I'm a 40 year old with 50 pounds to lose and can use all the support and advice I can get. Main goal is to be healthier and be fit.