Pre logging ahead to plan out day.



  • 1yoyoKAT
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    I definitely do, it really helps me stay on track with my macros, not just calories. I usually pre-plan a day ahead based on what I feel like having. It also helps me control cravings, because if I really want something I can plan it into my diary and I am more mindful of the nutritional and caloric content of my food. I update as the day goes by, so it's not cast in stone. I don't really see a downside to it.
  • Jhs1987
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    I do this most of the time. I will plan what I am going to eat tomorrow before I go to bed so I can see how the calories are going to come out as well as macros and adjust accordingly. Sometimes what I end up eating will change slightly, but I just make adjustments as I go. I find I do much better if I have a plan for the entire day. I see absolutely no downside to doing this. It has really helped me to be more aware of the content of the foods that I eat.
  • icimani
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    I pretty much have the same thing for breakfast every day so that's no big deal. Lunch is kind of hit or miss. But I find myself taking a few minutes in the afternoon to see where I'm at and see how many calories I have left for the day and that helps me plan what to have for dinner.
  • marc_s_johnson
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    I've started doing this with breakfast and dinner and find it helps out a lot with regards to spreading the rest out for lunch and treats.

    Before doing it I was restricting myself until dinner was out of the way and I knew what I had left.

    Much prefer this way.
  • _Witsy_
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    I do the best when I pre-plan my day...if I have a seriously busy work schedule that week, I'll even pre-plan the whole damn week and get the majority of it ready Sunday.

    Sometimes I have to make adjustments as I go, which is fine...but having it planned definitely helps keep me calm.
  • aprmay
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    I usually have a good idea what I will be eating for lunch since I bring it to work, so yeah, i pre-log and then sometimes for dinner and breakfast too. It helps me figure out what I need to eat more/less of and what exercise I need to do to allow me to adjust. I don't pre log everyday but usually helps...
  • iLoveMyPitbull1225
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    I do it! I find it really helps me too. I pre plan, pack snacks and lunches, and it helps me stay within my calorie goals. I don't pay as much attention as i should to my macros though.
  • MostlyWater
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    if it works for you, why not. i often do that.
  • SandraJN
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    I do it, it tells me where I am at. I wait until the end of the day to complete the diary, because sometimes I make a change. I am a planner, so I know what I will be having for meals.
  • NYCNika
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    If I pack my lunch or breakfast I pre log it. Why not? That way I dont have to remember how many grams was in what when I made it last night.
  • sprintto50
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    My workday breakfast and and snacks are pretty much the same so I prelog them. Then dinner because I know what that meal will be. That lets me know how many calories I have left for lunch. If I have exercise calories or leftover calories, I increase dinner portions if I want, or left them for an evening snack. Logging my day first thing keeps me on track for the rest of the day. No surprises.
  • alishacupcake
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    I don't do that but what I do is I take my calories and subtract 100 from it (because I like a few extra calories for dinner) then divide it by four. So that's how many calories I have for each meal and snacks (three meals plus one total for snacks). Plus, I have the extra 100 for supper. That helps me stay within my calories and if I do go under a bit for one meal I can go over some on another.
  • queenbea77
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    I pre log my food for breakfast and lunch because they are the same each day. If I have free time during the day and I know what I'm having for dinner then I'll log it before I go home. That way I know how many extra calories I have left and I can tweak the menu. At the beginning of the week I bring several pieces of fruit & veggies with me to work so I can swap those around if I'm hungry or just not in the mood for something. Today for example - I brought a dish of grapes to work on Monday but didn't feel like eating them until today. Same for my string cheese - it was sitting in the fridge all week but I didn't eat it until today. This weekend I am going to plan out my dinner menus for the coming week so I can start pre logging those as well.
  • TheViperMan
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    Of course - how else am I supposed to know that I can have a beer with lunch... :wink:
  • likepepsicola
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    I don't like doing this. I'd rather be spontaneous and a bit intuitive. Sometimes I don't want a yogurt, I'd rather have a pudding or a banana. Or maybe I'm not hungry for lunch after eating an indulgent breakfast and I'd rather enjoy a very large dinner. I just keep in mind my calorie goal for the day and know I can't go over it or eat too much at any one meal or I'll be pissed at myself/starving the rest of the day...and make my choices based on that.
  • blinker86
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    I have been doing this for several weeks not and always at least log my breakfast and lunch for the next day. If I'm having leftovers for dinner or something that I've had in the past, I'll go ahead and log that as well. If it's a new recipe, it waits until the day of so that I can input everything into the recipe builder as I'm cooking. I feel that it saves me time not having to worry about looking up things before each meal. It also helps me stay on track because I usually know how my calories will work out for the entire day. Of course, nothing is set in stone either, so if I decide to make a change, it's no big deal to delete something I've pre-logged and add in something else.
  • goodtf
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    Just started doing actually helps! if it weren't for all of the comments on this subject, i would not have considered it. My weekest time is at night when I come inside from work (I am outside from early in a.m. till past 8:00 at night usuall most of my days)
    I start by filling in what I want for my night time snacking, especially my red wine and cheese. Then I go backwards through the day adding what I am planning on eating. This way I always have enough calories left to have my favorite goodies at night w/out going over
  • MayaSPapaya
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    I do that too, I don't keep food in my log until I actually eat it, but I often enter in my meals so get an idea on what today will be like if I eat that way.
  • slackey77
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    I do this also and it really helps keep me on track. I typically take my breakfast, lunch and snacks to work every day so I have healthy things on hand and do not fall temptation to the vending machine. And log all my meals as long as I know what I'm preparing for dinner. With coming home from the office and having a hubby and two boys to feed, I try and pre-plan dinner for most of the week so have the ingredients on hand or prepped the night before to make cooking dinner more efficient. My hubby has lost over 18 lbs with MFP in the last 2 ½ months so this helps keep both of us on track and not grabbing too many convenience foods.
  • jk1231
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    I pre log all of my "everyday" foods (like my glass of wine and yogurt) because I know for certain I will eat them. I usually will pre log my snacks and dinner too in the morning. Sometimes I do have to go back and change it but I love knowing what exactly I have left for small snacks throughout the day.