Question for Americans



  • ubermensch13
    ubermensch13 Posts: 824 Member
    All over Europe. I lived in London for 6 months and would gladly live there again if the opportunity came up again. I have no nationalistic tendencies.
  • I was SUPPOSE to this past summer but life happened and I was unable to go. I want to go to the UK.
  • jbutterflye
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    Well I'm originally from Ukraine but I've also been to Italy, Austria , Mexico, and Canada.
  • NaomiJFoster
    NaomiJFoster Posts: 1,451 Member
    Several times. I grew up a couple hours from Canada, so we used to do that a lot when I was a kid, I learned to walk in Canada. Now I live an hour from Mexico, so been there done that.

    Canada many many times
    Mexico many many times
    Israel three times
    England three times
    The Netherlands two times
    Switzerland one time
    Denmark one time
    France one time

    On some of those trips, we made side trips to other places but didn't stay there more than a day.
  • Bahet
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    I've been to Canada, Germany (lived there for 1 1/2 years), Luxembourg, France, Belgium, The Netherlands. Poland, Czech Republic, and we're moving to England in a few months.

    Hubby has been to all of those (except Czech) plus Switzerland, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, UAE, Thailand, Singapore, and Ireland.

    Ironically, when he was in the military the only countries he went to were Italy, Iraq and Kuwait. The rest were as a civilian, contractor, or government civilian.
  • mbrowens
    mbrowens Posts: 11
    Netherlands lesser Antilles
    Italy 2x
    South Korea
    And I'm not even 18 yet... the world awaits :)
  • dmpizza
    dmpizza Posts: 3,322 Member
    Canada, Bermuda(3 or 4 times), Mexico and the Bahamas(2 ties).

    I would love to go to Europe, but I get very very little vacation.

    When I was a kid I traveled all over the US when places were still different, not like now.
  • Irish_Eyes81
    Irish_Eyes81 Posts: 808 Member
    I've been to Mexico, would love to visit Europe, especially Ireland sone day
  • michellekicks
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    If I asked a general question for English if they brushed their teeth, would you be offended?

    How about if I asked if you've ever tasted decent food?

    I've lived in both Japan and Hong Kong, and traveled throughout Asia.

    LOL :flowerforyou:

    Right?! :laugh:
  • 1two3four
    1two3four Posts: 413 Member
    have you ever traveled outside the USA?

    never; once; several times

    Canada - several times, several cities but not since I was a teenager.
  • samb330
    samb330 Posts: 329 Member
    Canada, Spain, Africa, Mexico, Bahamas, St. Thomas, a couple of other little islands.
  • pudadough
    pudadough Posts: 1,271 Member
    I haven't. I'm poor. My cousins grew up in Belgium. That's as close as I get.
  • ltowne
    ltowne Posts: 129 Member
    England, France, Austria, Germany....always makes me want to come back home!
  • megleo818
    megleo818 Posts: 595 Member
    Yes. Many, many, many times.
  • penguinlally
    penguinlally Posts: 331 Member
    several times --- Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Panama,England,Belgium, Austria,Monaco, Lichtenstein, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada - might have missed a few
  • fatnomore201220132014
    fatnomore201220132014 Posts: 130 Member
    Mexico, many times. I wish I could travel elsewhere.
  • srey0701
    srey0701 Posts: 196 Member
    a few times, compliments of the U.S. Navy :D
  • doc800
    doc800 Posts: 148
    Dominican Republic
    Grand Caymans
    Puerto Rico
    Hong Kong

    Lived in HK briefly
  • I have been to Italy..>Taught English for 6 weeks. Stayed on the Island of Capri.
    Also been to London
  • itgeekwoman
    itgeekwoman Posts: 804 Member
    several times.. and will try and get to every continent at least once in my life.