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Self Sabotage

I seem to be pretty great during the week and crap during the weekend. alcohol friends fun in the sun etc etc. I don't actually want to stop this - I still lose maybe just not as fast as I otherwise would but I feel like I am sabotaging myself. Anyone else do this? Or feel like this?


  • megsta21
    megsta21 Posts: 506 Member
    I pretty much do whatever I want on the weekends and rarely log, but i still do a workout or two.... and I am still losing... so i wouldnt stress too badly, unless your going overboard or simply not losing at all. xx:flowerforyou:
  • disawell
    disawell Posts: 102 Member
    Yeah i seem to put on about 700grams each weekend, which I seem to have lost well and truly by Tuesday (salt?). Wednesday is my MFP weight in day, and overall now I have busted the plateau I seem to average 1/2 a kilo or more a week which is quite reasonable. The "high point" on the graph is usually lower each time than it was "last" weekend.....