1 year and 30 lbs. later. Pics!



  • julesy_b
    julesy_b Posts: 26 Member
    Wow this is amazing, luv seeing stories like this it really motivates me.
  • JLHNU212
    JLHNU212 Posts: 169 Member
    AMAZING! Thank you for sharing your story with us!! :)
  • RichOC
    RichOC Posts: 243 Member
    Love your dedication! You look awesome!
  • dmg051202
    dmg051202 Posts: 20 Member
    What a great story! Amazing!
  • Narc_soda
    Narc_soda Posts: 181 Member
  • Narc_soda
    Narc_soda Posts: 181 Member
    Nice hard work! BUMP!

    Its cool to hear your stories ups and downs. I hope I can get to 30lbs by one year mark.
  • xxcandywrathxx
    xxcandywrathxx Posts: 200 Member
    Congratulations, you look amazing! :)

    I love your wedding dress btw <3
  • CassandraBurgos83
    CassandraBurgos83 Posts: 544 Member
    Congrats.. You have done amazing job and you're a "real" inspiration!
  • Great job! I TOTALLY hear you with the "spanx so tight if I bent over they would roll down"! The best is when you're in spanx at a fancy dinner and they just decide to roll down on their own while you're sitting at the table. Ha! Awesome to see that you don't need them anymore! I have been a size 14 for atleast 5 years, so it is SO inspiring to see that someone can actually change. Keep it up! :)
  • Panders40
    Panders40 Posts: 8 Member
    That is fantastic. I am trying to get there as well. I have been a size 12-14 for the past several years. I used to be about an 6-8 and thought I was "FAT". I have been training for a half marathon and run a slow 5k at 37 minutes. Congrats. What an inspiration.
  • fitfunk
    fitfunk Posts: 119 Member
    Thanks for sharing this. Your story really resonated and I loved your lessons learned and shared! Congrats!
  • MindyG150
    MindyG150 Posts: 1,293 Member
    WOW, with the exception of a 20 year difference in age our stats are so similar. Congratulations to you and your journey.
  • beanaj
    beanaj Posts: 42 Member
    This is the TRUE way to do it! Eat, exercise and give it time. You look fantastic and just motivated me to put on my running clothes and get outside! Thanks
  • FindingBalance1976
    FindingBalance1976 Posts: 5 Member
    Thank you for your story...Congratulations on your successes!! We are currently the same height and weight but i am about 7 years older...unfortunately, i do not fit into a size 6 or 8 but your story shows me that it is possible with some hard work!! You look fabulous!
  • kistockman
    kistockman Posts: 80 Member
    Thanks for posting your story and pics. So inspiring to see. :)
  • chrissylovescj
    chrissylovescj Posts: 117 Member
    This is legit. Thats some real motivation and so amazing to see ALL these pics. what a transformation. enjoy all the compliments, because girl you straight up earned it!

    HECK YEAH...WHAT HE SAID!!! :happy:
  • kimm147
    kimm147 Posts: 29 Member
    A costco cake lunch, you are my new friend !! Through ups and downs love the "keep going attitude" stand up, dust off, keep it movin!!

    Way to go, i love all the success!!! CONGRATS !!!
  • kmakar
    kmakar Posts: 103
    Great job and very inspiring! Same height and starting weight here, but I am still a work in progress, and about 10 years older. I am learning to appreciate the what running and lifting are doing, shape-wise, when the scale is moving slowly.
  • reneegee23
    reneegee23 Posts: 233 Member
    I started almost exactly a year ago too (well, started with INTENTION, I was on MFP in January of 2012.) I've lost just about 30lbs too. I'm 5'7" at 175ish and started at 205. i LOVE seeing someone who started this journey when I did with similar weight loss results. Here's to the next year and on!
  • tjr63
    tjr63 Posts: 1
    Awesome to hear that you have not pushed so hard to lose everything fast and have just done it comfortably for you. I admire that you have kept going and seem to have the attitude that it is ok right where you're at and you'll keep moving towards your goal. Good luck on the last few pounds. My journey is also slow, but will keep pluggin away.
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