What food is like crack to you?



  • Fairysoul
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    chocolate covered macadamia nuts, I could kill it in one sitting, and still want more.
  • dsckrc
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  • DirtyHammer
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    Chewey Chocolate Chips Ahoy! Dangerous little *kitten*...
  • cindyhoney2
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    Cool Whip Icing...OMG someone should be shot!
  • ohmynicoley
    ohmynicoley Posts: 54 Member
    Chicken flavor maruchan ramen noodles.

    My homemade chicken salad sandwiches.

    And wine, lots of wine.
  • cindyhoney2
    cindyhoney2 Posts: 603 Member
    Cool Whip Icing...OMG someone should be shot! :love:
  • sechadyl
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    Donuts, bagels any cake product.
    My son brought home a dozen donuts after school today and I asked him to take them to his room. Well he didn't and the donuts were on the counter screaming my name while I was making dinner, I ignored them for the fIrst 30 minutes, then this evil carb monster jumped out and devoured a dang donut.:frown:
    Before I knew it, I was eating the second donut, I ate just under half of it when I realized what I did and spit it out, then threw the other half away.
    All the donuts were squished and thrown in the trash, I gave my son what he paid for them and told him he can't bring that kind of stuff home anymore.
  • Juliejustsaying
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  • lilbearzmom
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    Warm italian or french bread with butter. Especially the soft inside.

    Edited to add sushi rolls, in particular California rolls with spicy sauce and crunchy fried onions on top!
  • Raybug0903
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    Lotus Biscoff crunchy spread.
  • radiantrox
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    It may be weird but granola is my crack. EIther with yogurt or as part of apple or a berry crisp I cannot stop eating it. I lose all self control lol, so I have to stop eating it cold turkey if I wanna stay on track with my weight loss.
  • theycallyoumister
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    Homemade potato salad :tongue:
  • Chocolate covered nuts, any kind. Chocolate covered donuts, suzie-Q's, girl scout Samoa cookies and anything that has coconut in it. Which is why I rarely ever, if ever have them in the house. :tongue:
  • desiv2
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    Pizza.. always pizza.
  • mikel_antilles
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    Pizza....I can make myself sick on it
  • chocolate chip cookies. I am addicted to them, I can't help it! haha
  • ALH1981
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    ice cream/ frozen yogurt

    Me too!!!!
  • Wildheart_Baby
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    Soreen malt loaf (unbuttered) and any yoghurt covered fruit, I just inhale those two foods.
  • i found out i have a new one .. almond dip with nutella ..omg. dont touch me. i'm emotional
  • potato chips.pizza .just food in my mouth !!! Arg