Getting older and dealing with body changes (20s to 30s)



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    Oh just wait ladies 40 is right down the street and I do mean down!!! :sad:

    Seriously! I had to laugh at the body changes at 20's to 30's...those are the good years for your body!

    Yes, I was laughing too, I though that the OP was above 55, at least, when the body interpretation of changes means down hill.

    Young ladies and gents: enjoy your 20s, 30s and 40s,. they don't last for ever.
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    I'll be 30 next year and this is one of the things that prompted my weight loss. I'm not getting any younger, so I want to rock my 30's.
    I don't feel like my skin changed much since my my early 20's, but my confidence did. I learned to accept my flaws, work with what I've got and be thankfull for it. I like myself more as a person and I enjoy life more.

    I've always struggled with my weight (ladies, how you treat your weight and the weight of your significant others around your children...They really are like sponges and soak up everything, trust me) but I'm finally confidant that I can do this right and look fabulous when I'm 30, 40 and 50+.

    Water, clean eating, and lots of excercise :drinker:
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    I am turning 30 later this year and am working on making these healthy habits I'm working on a lifestyle change. Like a lot of you, I was able to eat whatever I wanted at a younger age, but right after college, all that changed. I'm just going to try and get into the best shape I can be and to get myself to the healthiest I've ever been, no matter what my age is.
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    I think you’ll find women in their 30’s are more confident than in their 20’s. The one thing to be wary of: if you don’t watch what you eat (if you eat a lot of processed foods, fast foods, sugar) it will become harder to lose as your metabolism may slow around ages 35-36. This isn’t true for all women but some.

    Also, if you drink a lot--every weekend--it can begin to show as a sallow puffiness on your face—terrible for your skin! And you may find that it takes much longer to get over a night out drinking.

    Number one rule: Sunscreen on your face, chest, and neck--you will rue the day you didn’t do this in your 20’s. Ever see women in their 40’s-50s with that splotchy mottled chest? Yep.

    Best benefit of your 30s: Sex. It may have been awesome in your 20’s (it was) but in your 30’s your body responds quicker and more often. Enjoy.
  • Well now for "the not you granny's" point of view. I turn 61 in a couple months and am physically SO much hotter looking than I was in my 20 ,I have tons of energy,weigh 30 pounds less,I never had flat abs till the last few years. And hated exercise.
    As for the biggest changes each decade you get to eat less....get less sun...I am paying for my generations love of the sun on my face with wrinkles,your body will lose elasticity so keep it in shape along the way and it won't be an issue.

    And then you to can be your husbands trophy wife at 60!
    Where is the, "like" button? you look GREAT!