Lots of PICS of a 144lb weight loss!!



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    What's with the gun?
  • awesome awesome job!!!! doing the happy dance for ya, yes you did it!!!! i'm so proud of you. you go girl
  • You look absolutely incredible. Congratulations!
  • Again, thank you all!!!!

    Haha, as for the gun, my roommates and I were killing some tin cans/ milk jugs etc. So we also goofed around with the camera, kind of an ode to James Bond. That's all!

    As for some of your other questions:

    This weight loss has happened in about a year, and there is no one trick or specific way. Just eat less and move more.
  • Great job! You should be very proud of yourself!
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    Loved all the photos of your transformation!! You have every right to feel proud of your accomplishments, you've done so well, congratulations on your hard work!!!:happy:
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    That's the way!
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    wonderful job you look wonderful :)
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    amazing great job
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    Amazing job! You should be proud of yourself!
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    Absolutely fantastic! Well done..you look amazing! :flowerforyou:
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    You are ping great! Congrats!!!
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    You look like you are already in one-derland. Honestly, you look amazing. Well done!!! :smile: