Is a walkathon too soon for me in June?

I'm just starting out. I have a bad back and knees. I'm 249 lbs right now but I want to do a run and fitwalk walkathon on June 5. I know its really soon and I'm out of shape. I do 2 miles at a very slow pace right now in the mall. My back hurts some after but my knees seem to be ok.

My husband thinks its a great idea. My mother tells me that I'm not fit enough. I want to try. If I come in the last person, I can accept that because I did it. I've always wanted to do one.

What do you think?


  • rosebarnalice
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    GO FOR IT!
  • lewcompton
    lewcompton Posts: 881 Member
    I'd go for it too!
  • VelociMama
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    Having a goal will help push you to continue on days you don't want to do anything. Go for it. Walk it at the fastest pace you can safely manage.
  • Sweet_Gurl_Next_Door
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    your mom is wrong. I did a 5 k walk and I started out at 250 pounds. I have done two of them.
  • jessykab74
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    I agree!!!!! Go for it! That is a GREAT goal to keep the motivation going!
  • mjculbertson4512
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    go for it. One step at a time.
  • concordancia
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    How long is the walk?

    If you are doing 2 miles regularly, 5k (3.1 miles) won't be too much of a stretch for you. You should keep working on picking up the pace of your two miles. You could even train for a 10k in two months. Anything longer than that and you might be pushing it too far.
  • wolfchild59
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    I coached a 325 pound woman through C25K and she ran about 98% of the 5K race we did together at the end of the program. Listen to your body and not what others tell you your body can do. If you feel good then go for it.
  • kcaffee1
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    I agree with the others... Go for it! You say you may walk it slow, but that's just fine. You DID it, which will give you a nice victory to look back on and say "See! I CAN do this or that!" Don't let the naysayers pull you down. And, if the odd chance comes that you can't complete it, well, then you STILL have a victory to claim because you TRIED. (Which is more than most do in the first place!)
  • vedra_b
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    two years ago i did a 5K i was at 222 and no training hadnt even walked across the street much less 3.1 miles. took me 2+ hours but i did it. you can do it also i would incurage you to google how to train for a walk or marathon there are some good ones out there. i think there is one called from couch to 5K. anyway good luck and keep us posted!!! YOU CAN DO THIS NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU YOU CANT DO ANYTHING PROVE YOUR MOM WRONG!!!!
  • boatsie77
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    Piece of that piece of apple--you CAN do this...sign up now and your body and mind will see that it happens.

    Amaze your mom....amaze yourself!
  • kmm7309
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    I think it's a great goal! You could probably drop 10-15 pounds between now and then, making the strain on your back and knees a little easier. It's a reasonable goal with a reasonable amount of time to reach it.

    I weight 202, my starting weight was 269. I'm participating in a 5k in 22 days! I signed up in February, and at that time I had never ran or jogged. I've been faithful with training and I can jog a mile so far, and I'm hoping to increase even more by April 20th. For me, it started with a goal and a little faith, and now I'm confident that I can do it :)
  • kmm7309
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    I forgot to add, there are many benefits to training. I increased my calories and I'm still losing weight. My clothes fit awesomely (well, they are too big to fit, which is perfect) and I've lost inches. My stamina is better in everything too. It's worth it, no matter how long it takes you on race day.
  • tamiz2013
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    Thank you all so much. The walkthon is 5K. I have decided to go for it. I'm a little nervous but I'm going to trust my instinct an go o it. I'm sitting here crying. I can't begin to tell you what your support has done for me. Thank you so much
  • Coyoteldy
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    Do it I have done five half marathons on a knee they want to replace.. start training now slow and work up you can do this!!
  • FrenchMob
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    I did a half marathon in 2:30 at 258 lbs last November with a bum knee. You can do this.
  • dsjohndrow
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    Just do it.
  • LauritaS767
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    Agree with everyone here. Just do it. Goal setting is important in weight loss and in fitness. You will be sooo much stronger both physically and mentally after it. You are stronger than you think, listen to your body!
  • pwittek10
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    Go For It!
    I did my first 5k walk -run after loosing 75 pounds,
    I was dead last but the fact that I did it keep me going for months!
    My husband and friends cheered me on!
    It was great
  • dsckrc
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    Thank you all so much. The walkthon is 5K. I have decided to go for it. I'm a little nervous but I'm going to trust my instinct an go o it. I'm sitting here crying. I can't begin to tell you what your support has done for me. Thank you so much

    you can do it!!!! wait and see, after this one, you'll be doing them every month :wink: