Seriously, who's DL is right?



  • Bikini27
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    Last time I renewed, I was recently divorced and says 170.
    Guess I looked miserable because the gal didn't even bother to ask if it was correct. LOL
  • I've lost a lil weight since I got mine renewed. I figured I'd lose some and got lower than I was at the time. Now, I'm 10 lower than that estimate
  • ShannonS2714
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    Thankfully, I live in a state that doesn't list weight!
  • 3foldchord
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    Ha! This is funny.

    Mine is actually higher. It reads 228 but I'm around 220.

    My husband use to lie 'the other way".. He weighed 117 when we got married and he's put 130 on his. (@ 5’ 9.5”)

    Mine says 135 and I weigh 133.
  • nicarey19
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    I think mine says 170 and I was like 190 when I got it (I did climb to around 225 though in those 8 years) . But I get a new one next month, but I am putting 150 on it (my goal weight). So when I hit my goal it will reflect on my DL :P Plus a little extra motivation! :) Also jealous that there are states where you dont have to put your weight...lucky!
  • tmauck4472
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    Mine says 250 and I've never changed it even when I was over 400, but I'm now 227 and can't wait till August to be able to change it and with any luck it will be 200 by then.
  • Mine said 200 when at one point I was 293 lol Im 277 now... Its a goal of mine to get down there tho... Main goal is 170-180
  • tjs616
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    My license says 300 which is a good 75 pounds under what I was when I moved here six years ago. I believe my license before that said 250 which was 50 pounds under what I actually weighed when I got it at 16. Now I'm right around 260. My finace is encouraging me to never change the weight, or the picture, until someone at the DMV forces me to. For awhile, I would go in places and make a joke when they asked for my ID, such as "I have my sister's, is that OK?" since it looks nothing like me anymore, but most of the time I carded in a casino where money is involved and someone almost took me seriously, so I stopped!
  • dj_phx
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    Mine says 155 which is what I weighed in high school for a brief time around when I got my license. Here in Arizona licenses don't expire until you are 65 so it'll stay that way for a long time unless something changes.
  • Barbellerella
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    I totally thought I was gonna see DeadLifting pics.. I am disappoint.
  • LavenderBouquet
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    Mine is actually higher than what I am now and I just got it renewed back in February :drinker:
  • MidwestAngel
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    I totally thought I was gonna see DeadLifting pics.. I am disappoint.
    ^This :frown:
  • DopeItUp
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    No weight on mine, but judging by the picture I was around 75lbs heavier than I am now.
  • askeates
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    Mine say 185, last time I got it I didn't correct it (I was at 210 then and was working on going down) but I'm currently at 240. My plan is to be back to 185 or lower when I have to renew this December :wink:
  • riveraphx
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    I started laughing, because for once I actually weigh what my DL says. It's still not where I want to be. Soon I'll be lying, b/c I weigh less than the DL, but that works for me, LOL!
  • skm4jc
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    Pennsylvania doesn't list weight, either, thank God. One time I got pulled over in CA, and the officer asked me my weight. I'd been driving cross-country for two days straight on about 8 hours of sleep (total), and was not in the best mood. I looked at him and said, "EXCUSE me!?" He looked sheepish as he explained that CA requires it and he had to put it on the write-up. I told him PA DOESN'T require it and therefore he shouldn't have to. He insisted he had to have it, so I said, "Fine. 150." (I think I was probably at my heaviest back then, more like 250!) He regarded me for half a second (I was exhausted and ready to cry), and said, "Okay. 150." LOL!
  • Lone_Wolf70
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    mine says I weigh 300 and I weigh 240....that said when I listed it as 300 I was actually 341.

    *hangs head in shame.
  • pastryari
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    I lied when I got mine, but I actually weigh what it says now. :drinker:
  • LowFatMama
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    Mine says 140, but im 155 :( Dammit! :bigsmile:
  • lambchristie
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    Wow - where in the world do you have to put your weight on your drivers license. Don't have that in the UK!

    California your weight is listed. I didn't realize that some states do not list weight. Makes sense not to since people change through out the years.

    My goal is to be my DL weight by my birthday in June.