Protien Shakes

Ok, does anyone drink them, before? after you work out? What kind of powder do you use. Should you drink them if you are trying to lose weight and get toned? Thanks


  • h_eloise86
    h_eloise86 Posts: 124
    I love them.
    I drink the Body Fortress Chocolate kind from Walmart.
    I always have it after my workout.
    2 cups one and one scoop of the powder.
    It's not the tastiest thing but my muscles are not as sore as they used to be.
    I also have a clif bar for breakfast.
    I'm terrible with breakfast foods so I just grab a protein bar to make sure I don't skip a meal.
    I haven't had any trouble dropping weight/inches.
    Good luck :)
  • fraochin
    fraochin Posts: 48
    I haven't tried them but have considered it! What would you recommend?!
  • cassandra1220
    cassandra1220 Posts: 284 Member
    Premier Nutrition. Premixed. Get them at Costco. They rock!

    After your workout. Also, in case you care; take an L-Glutamine tablet with it. If your body isnt used to the influx of protien in a shake you will thank me for this little tip!
  • nakrya
    nakrya Posts: 191
    I have the vega shake and go smoothie. I have it after a workout or sometimes, as a snack when I'm craving the sweet stuff.