Exercise - Morning or Evening?



  • dirtyd89
    dirtyd89 Posts: 170
    I work out in the morning or afternoon.
    Don't like to work out in the evening because there's lots of traffic.
  • JustMQ
    JustMQ Posts: 63 Member
    Mornings. Has to be. 6am.

    I drink beer in the evenings, so... that wouldn't really work.

    :laugh: :drinker:

    Whenever I can fit it in. I'm a shift worker, so sometimes my mornings are your evenings and my evenings are your mornings. Sometimes, when I'm feeling really crazy, I work out in the afternoon!
  • montana_girl
    montana_girl Posts: 1,403 Member
    I get up 5:30 and start exercising as soon as I'm in my workout clothes. If I think about it, then I talk myself out of it.

    I like to do it first thing in the morning so I get it done and don't have to make time to do it after work. Plus, I tend to come up with a million excuses to not workout when I get home. Also, I've noticed when I work out the morning, I'm more likely to eat better during the day becuase I don't want to screw up my "good" day.

    I don't eat breakfast before I work out except on Sundays whe I do a long run (between 6 to 11 miles). Then I eat a piece of toast with PB and half a banana an hour before my run.
  • paintlisapurple
    paintlisapurple Posts: 982 Member
    I just make sure to fit it in on a daily basis. Busy busy busy!
  • LBBeowulf
    I work the night shift get off work at 4:30am I'm in the GYM by 5:00am.
    On my days off I'm in the Gym at the same time.
    I drink a Protein shake upon waking up.
  • nornyb
    nornyb Posts: 224 Member
    Whenever it fits into my schedule. I work 12 hour nightshifts 3 times a week, I go to the gym before I go home. On my off days I go whenever it works into my schedule for the day. I prefer mornings 'cause it is less busy at the gym, but if my daughter has softball practice in the afternoon I do cardio in the foothills while she practices. Sometimes I have to fit 2-3 separate sessions into the day so that I get everything done that I want to. As long as I do something physical everyday I am happy.
  • linsey0689
    linsey0689 Posts: 753 Member
    I love the idea of morning because I wouldn't tell myself oh I had a long day maybe tomorrow. But truly it is not for me, I love sleep and have a hard time falling asleep but once I get to sleep I am good so I would not want to wake up any earlier. I guess it is just whatever works for you :)
  • Debbe2
    Debbe2 Posts: 2,071 Member
    Anytime I can get to the gym or get a general workout or exercise done is fine by me :-)
  • kabutler08
    So true :smile:
  • kiwigal41
    kiwigal41 Posts: 1,059
    it really doesn't matter when.....each time during the day offers different benefits....i got this from a magazine....

    early morning - get it done before work/friends/family/life gets in the way

    midmorning - sets you up for a healthy lunch, exercise curbs the body's production of the hunger-stoking hormone, ghrelin

    lunchtime - exercise pumps extra blood to the brain and stimulates production of chemicals and hormones that improve concentration and reasoning skills

    afternoon - may help to optimize circadian rhythms, helping you sleep more soundly at night

    evening - body temperature is highest in late afternoon, making muscles more flexible - exercise starts to feel easier, testosterone peaks at this time of day, boosting strength training results

    late night - intense workout can make it tough to fall asleep but yoga will lower cortisol levels which will reduce anxiety and make it easier to drift off to sleep
  • cappri
    cappri Posts: 1,089 Member

    evening - body temperature is highest in late afternoon, making muscles more flexible - exercise starts to feel easier, testosterone peaks at this time of day, boosting strength training results

    This explains why I find my evening yoga class easier than my morning one.
  • jillybean0123
    jillybean0123 Posts: 238 Member
    I usually excercise at about 8 in the morning. Right before bed for me. I actually feel better when I do my workout before I start my day but I'm much more likely to skip it, especially when I'm already sleep-deprived so I excercise after I get off work.

    Night shifts make everything weirder.
  • delyn356
    delyn356 Posts: 145 Member
    I like to workout in the mornings that way I can get it over with. I find that in the evenings I have a lot less willpower & more excuses to keep me from exercising. Plus, morning workouts help me to feel more energized throughout the day--it helps me to get my day started.

    However, I did notice that is is a lot easier for me to go for a run in the evenings since my muscles are more warmed up compared to the AM.
  • aprmay
    aprmay Posts: 216 Member
    Middle of the day preferably before lunch.
  • clarkeje1
    clarkeje1 Posts: 1,636 Member
    my schedule changes so i have worked out all hours of the day. for me afternoon is the best but if i have to i get my workout in at 4am or midnight. as long as i do it, i don't care what time it is.
  • mailaliz
    mailaliz Posts: 1
    I love morning!!!!!!
  • janebshaw
    janebshaw Posts: 168
    I try and do all my heavy exercise classes in the morning. Evening is OK for something light, like maybe yoga. But if I do a heavy exercise class at night, I have a hard time going to sleep.
  • fishgutzy
    fishgutzy Posts: 2,807 Member
    Both. Basically whatever fits your schedule. :bigsmile: