What a difference 20 lbs makes!-Belly Photo



  • Wow!!!!!! Amazing results!!! I can only hope I look that good after losing 20lbs!!!!
  • MissBum
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  • I've lost 20 pounds since November and starting to feel a lot better.
  • keyariloses
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    that's really great progress!
  • jpolinisse
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    You look awesome, that is really great progress.
  • hbaby08
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    awesome job :smile:
  • bootsandfros
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    you look great! now get back in here and tell us what you did!!! looks like way more than 20 lbs. possibly weight lifting?
  • jaeone
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    I am nowhere near my goal... but I'm 20 pounds closer than I was.
    The first pic, I was 210. The second pic, I am 190. I am 5"7. I'll post 2 full body pics after reaching my goal of losing 60 pounds!
    Yes.... both pics are of me. You can see my name tatooed over my belly button!lol


    You CAN reach your health and fitness goals!
    You look fantastic. Your body doesn't seem like 190lbs. It's just like a fit body. Enjoy your accomplishment!
    I also thought you looked like you weighed less than 190! Simply spectacular results.
  • Dude! Look at those abs coming through! AWESOME!
  • mattschwartz01
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    Great work!! The change is very noticeable!
  • 4Shantel4
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    Your doing awesome !!! WTG !!
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    That's amazing, thanks for posting this - you have given me some motivation!! How did you do it?
  • hannah1591
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    Seriously motivational, thanks for posting this!!

    And PLEASE let us all know how you did it!!!
  • kolkol
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    congrats you look awesome! & you look a lot smaller than 190!!! congrats on the wedding too. I am a June bride :-)
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    Great job.
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    That looks like MUCH more than a 20lbs loss! GREAT JOB!!!
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    Wow amazing, feels good don't it! Keep up the good work
  • missodu
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    WOW! Definitely overwhelmed with the response but in a completely amazing way! Thank you guys so much. I just wanted to show people that YOU CAN DO IT, and celebrate every pound. Feel free to add me. I think I just got like 50 requests in 5 minutes and I welcome every one!

    WHAT I DO.....

    I post every time I work out. I mostly walk, with some runninging as well (15 minute mile and half run, follwed by 45-60 minutes HIKING at a 15 incline at a 4 speed), and then I do this machine called The Arc. When I come home from the Planet Fitness, I spend 10-20 minutes doing swats with weights and then just free lifting 10 pound weights, and ocassionally crunches. I never post what I do at home because I don't do it 100% of the time. I only post my gym workout. Hope this helps!
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    Wow!! Big difference!! Good job!