TOM sabotage every month



  • metaphoria
    metaphoria Posts: 1,432 Member
    the only thing worse is when Aunt Flo comes by for a visit. stays for about 5 days, and always leaves a mess.

    Does your auntie repeatedly karate chop you in the abdomen, too? I don't like my auntie very much, she's mean. And she always shrinks my jeans in the wash...
  • OneEyeUp
    OneEyeUp Posts: 373 Member
    I'd recommend a good old fashioned Hadouken.
    _SABOTEUR_ Posts: 6,833 Member
    OP, you need to grow some balls.
  • dsckrc
    dsckrc Posts: 194 Member
    You need someone to act as a tampon of sorts between you and TOM. He/she can absorb all the sweets your coworker brings in, before they get to you. I am thinking the receptionist? If she doesn't want to eat it all at work she could just take everything to her pad for later.

    ^^this is awesome^^
  • elleryjones
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    Maybe you're reading this all wrong. TOM sounds like he means well, but you know, he has a penis and all that. Creatures with penises just can't seem to understand how hard it is to be a woman, the centuries of oppression, what it's like to battle raging hormones all month long, hormones that render us powerless and unable to make good decisions or lift heavy things or curb our tongue...

    Hmmm. Now I'm hungry. I wonder if TOM has any Girl Scout cookies...