rewards for mini-goals

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I set mini goals of 5 lbs. The goals aren't that far away and I get lots of rewards. I'm .4 lbs from losing 15 lbs with 10 lbs to go after that.

What kinds of rewards do you get for yourself?

So far, I got a running bra, good running socks, running shorts - hmmm, there is a theme here.

What do you get for yourself?


  • McButtski
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    Dresses!!! My goal is currently a 10lb one and am on a shopping ban until I reach target... 6lbs left to go until I get one!!!

  • pandahead76
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    Oh, I have a reward system for everything! I even reward myself when I do all my workouts in a week (money--not food!).

    I have a long way to go, so to keep motivated I need not only incentives for short-term weight loss goals, but also for just plain consistency! (Need something to keep me going if I hit a plateau!)

    Here are my incentives:

    Weight loss:

    -6 lbs to first goal: $30 towards ultimate goal wardrobe & new workout outfit
    -10 lbs to next goal: $30 & Pedicure
    -10 more lbs: $30 & new shoes
    -10 more lbs: $30 & manicure (though I might change this one)
    -10 more lbs: $30 & new outfit (non-workout)
    -10 more lbs : $30 & whiten teeth & self-tanning lotion (stuff I loved when I was fit before)
    -10-ish more lbs (I don't have a hard & fast rule for my UGW): Shopping for new wardrobe & professional massage!


    All planned workouts complete in a week: $10 toward goal wardrobe pot
    Keep to meal plan during entire week (which does include the occasional treat): $10 toward goal wardrobe pot.

    I'm sure I'll find other ways to reward myself along the way, but for now this is enough to keep me motivated!
  • jennlaw89
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    So here are my weight loss rewards..
    10lbs lost- Resistance Band (Aide toward my weight loss)
    20lbs lost- New Running Shoes (Motivation to hit the trails)
    30lbs lost- New Clothes (Because mine wont fit anymore)
    40lbs lost- Wii Consol and Just Dance (Which will be a fun way to loose more weight)
    50lbs lost- New Ipod Touch (as mine quit working)

    I just started this Journey on March 1st this year and I have lost 12.5lbs so far but I really want everything on that list of rewards so that has definately motivated me to stick with it!! =)
  • corby165
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    How did u lose 12.5lbs? Would love the help as im wantin to lose that by middle of my or even a little bit more
  • jennlaw89
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    I've been doing Turbo Jam by Chalene Johnson 7 days a week since March 1st and Im on the 1200 calorie diet. I also just started doing Zumba at a fitness class on Mondays =)
  • These are all great goals. I don't have any goal rewards yet though. I think that this idea could really push me towards my goals!

    Jenn - how is turbo jam!? I was thinking of doing it if I start at Steve Nash fitness.
  • jennlaw89
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    I absolutly love it!! Once you get used to the workout and all the moves its actually a lot of fun! Its very effective too! After I do this program for a couple months Im going to try Turbo Fire, Chalene Johnson is an amazing inspiration in herself! =)
  • Tabitha81
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    I like this goal! Mine is some what similar as I go by clothing size and reward myself with "dresses" as well. I don't too much bother with the scale as I tend to loose inches more than pounds anyway! :)
  • Julesbait
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    I have 3 mini-goals right now.

    1. Change the 1st number of my weight. I'm on a makeup no-buy until I hit this goal. Then I'm going to Sephora! (I'm 6.7 lbs away.)

    2. 189 lbs . This was what I weighed 6 weeks after I had my 2nd son, and it was the first time I'd seen my weight under 200 in many, many years. I want to see it again. Buying a new pair of jeans/shorts/something when I hit it again.

    3. A comfortable size 14. Just because I haven't seen this in many, many, MANY years. Another new pair of jeans.
  • arhummel
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    Here are my 10 pound mini goals. I just revamped it because I never treated myself for my first 10 pounds lost. Today I rewarded myself for that and got my hair trimmed. I hope these mini goal rewards help me get to my goal because I really want these rewards-however the best reward to myself will be getting healthy and finally getting the weight off.

    10 pound Mini Goals:
    10 lbs-Hair trim
    20 lbs-Hair color
    30 lbs-New summer shoes
    40 lbs-Pedicure
    50 lbs-Massage
    60 lbs-New shirt
    70 lbs-Membership for a strength training/kickboxing class
    80 lbs-Overnight away with the hubby
    90 lbs-Professional high lights & possibly a new hair style
    100 lbs- Nice pair of heals & tall boots (I have never been able to wear tall boots being fat!)
    110lbs & up-New wardrobe!! :) Can't wait!! Oh, and possibly a swim suit from Victorias Secret...bikini? Haven't been in one since junior high!
  • MysticRealm
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    I originally had a mini goal reward for when I hit 145 (down from 168) of buying VS workout wear. I hit that after christmas but I fell off the working out wagon after christmas too so didn't really feel enticed to get them. (Though I am trying to get back to the gym now).
    I have had many mini goals since starting, but have never come up with any rewards for them (other than the VS one). So far getting the weight off is my reward. I am currently 140 and have lost about 28 pounds. When I do hit my actual goal my 'reward' will be getting my belly button re-pierced. (I had it pierced previously, though could never show it off cause I was not at an appropriate weight, then I lost the top balls off of both my rings and didn't not put a new ring in till it had already closed up)
  • jody664
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    I have some non-scale related goals (being consistent in logging food in MFP, being consistent in gym attendance, staying active on non-gym days). Some of those rewards are:

    - buy a magazine
    - buy some new workout wear
    - trip to the zoo
    - bubble bath and a glass of wine
    - visit to the museum
    - drink at my favorite bar
    - new shower gel
    - movie at the movie theater
    - a new journal
    - new shoes

    Some of my weight-related goal rewards are:

    5 lb - pedicure
    10 lb - massage
    15 lb - my favorite (and very expensive) perfume
    20 lb - spray tan
    30 - manicure (with acrylic nails = twice a month treat)
    40 - ultimately I'd love to replace my stove, microwave and dishwasher. Not sure if I'll have the money for it by then, but I'm hopeful!
  • reneeroberts_88
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    I am waiting to reach a goal to purchase new spring clothes and shoes. It is killing me.
  • athenasurrenders
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    I don't do rewards based on weight-loss goals, because I feel FOR ME PERSONALLY it's not a healthy way of thinking about it. I am trying to focus less on the number on the scale and weigh myself less. I know I would feel demoralised if I felt I had been working really hard to get my next reward but hit a plateau or just didn't see results for a while.

    Instead I reward myself based on number of days within my calorie range, running further/faster than I have before, doing more push ups, logging perfectly etc. That way I feel I am rewarding effort and hard work and focusing on what is going to make me healthier, rather than on weight which as we all know, fluctuates and only tells part of the story.

    Rewards for me are:
    -bath with fancy scented stuff
    -new kindle book
    -movie night with hubby
    -workout clothes
    -nail varnish
    -back rub
  • JackiLean
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    @athenasurrend - that sounds like a REALLY good idea. I might try that instead.

    I have a family vacation coming up on May 25. It's the first time my family will have seen me since Christmas when I was almost 190 lbs.

    Right now I'm 172 (tomorrow is weigh-in day, so maybe less).

    I'm hoping to be 165 by the trip and blow them all away.

    If I get to 165 by May 15, I can go out and spend $150 at TJMaxx in a new wardrobe for the trip. If I don't make it, too bad, so sad, run faster, fatty.
  • GoRun2
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    So certainly when I reach my goal, I will buy new clothes.

    For now, I want to buy something that will still fit when I get to goal (10.4 more lbs)

    So the next mini goal is .4 lbs away. I'm going to buy new sandals.

    Thanks for the great ideas.
  • purplelizzard
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    I bought one of those pandora bracelets, but the hallmark version because the charms are more in my price range, and every time i lose 10 lbs I add a charm to my bracelet. :)
  • DorothyR87
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    I have mini goals based on what weight I hope to be by a certain event. I can't say that rewarding myself with buying something would work for me because I am certainly one of those "if I want it I'm going to go get it" kinda people. But for me the idea of being a certain weight for my wedding anniversary, or my husbands birthday, etc. and knowing I will look better for it is motivation enough.
  • bymyslf892
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    Recently I bought myself two new pairs of running shorts, and two new workout shirts that match! I also bought myself a new HRM when I hit my 50 pound mark! Your rewards sound awesome!!!
  • valeriewxy
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    I bought one of those pandora bracelets, but the hallmark version because the charms are more in my price range, and every time i lose 10 lbs I add a charm to my bracelet. :)

    That's a fabulous idea! I wish I'd thought of that when I started on my journey :D