5ft3, Busy Mom & Shift Work

I had great success with MFP last year and lost 15 pounds then I was promoted. With the busy shift work schedule, having seven year old twins and trying work full-time and be a full-time mom I lost myself somewhere.

I am back and serious about getting back into shape. I have started hot yoga, zumba and running again and would love support from others. Please add me or post below with who you are and I will add you.

I promise to be loyal in my support to you and hopefully together we can achieve our weight loss goals.

I know with the support of others I can be successful in finding myself again.



  • ccb1030
    ccb1030 Posts: 84 Member
    You sound like me... 5'4", 2 kids (age 3 and 5), shift work (I'm an RN). Feel free to add me!
  • mitabelo
    mitabelo Posts: 3 Member
    I've been on a "diet" since 6th grade. I finally got to my goal weight in 2006 but after a divorce, new home and new busier lifestyle, I lost my focus and my healthy lifestyle. I lost on WW originally but its just not working this time... I'm hoping changing my focus to a different method will help. My biggest focus is on fitness... tired of the aches and pains and know the weight loss will come with getting in shape. The hardest thing is I hate working out... or never find time for it...
  • sgtlee13
    sgtlee13 Posts: 66
    I'm also 5'3", Mom of 2, always worked shift work, EMS Medic. Temporarily a stay at home Mom but looking for support!!!!!
  • StephanieBFree
    StephanieBFree Posts: 39 Member
    Thanks Ladies; I have added you and still looking for more friends;)
  • eikito
    eikito Posts: 114 Member
    I'm also 5'3", busy mum of one.
    Wow, hot yoga.... I couldn't possibly do that, I don't function well at hot temperatures. I admire you and anyone who exercises at those temperatures!!
    At help my husband with his business so no shifts but I sometimes stay up until very late at night doing urgent jobs; it's quite unpredictable.
  • Sparlingo
    Sparlingo Posts: 938 Member
    I'm a 5'0" mom of one (so far), and I'm an RN that does shift work as well!