What was your college major / minor ?



  • kvandeman
    kvandeman Posts: 527 Member
    Criminal Justice Administration...
  • meglynne1987
    meglynne1987 Posts: 382 Member
    Business Admin.
  • amy_lynn_522
    amy_lynn_522 Posts: 55 Member
    First degree: Paralegal Studies
    Second Degree: English and Creative Writing
    Currently working on my 3rd degree: English and Education
  • TracyJo93
    TracyJo93 Posts: 197 Member
    Psychology and criminal justice.
  • BA: Psychology with a minor in Fine Arts
    MA: Working on School Counseling, but might be changing it to Behavioral Psych.
  • TheresaTester
    TheresaTester Posts: 115 Member
    MS-Counseling & Guidance
    Licenses-CPC, LMHP
    Endorsements-Elementary, Driver Education, ESL
  • jsimm31
    jsimm31 Posts: 8 Member
    BBA in Finance and Org. Management with a Dance minor (ballet emphasis)
  • BigBrunette
    BigBrunette Posts: 1,543 Member
    BBA - Double major in Finance/Banking and Financial Institutions. Graduating in 4 weeks!!
    Starting MBA in the fall. Eat em up Kats!!

    Bearkats? As in SHSU? Me, too! I got my B.A. in English with a minor in art. :)
  • baileybiddles
    baileybiddles Posts: 457 Member
    English teaching :) Specifically high school English teaching.
  • UrbanLotus
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    BS in Psychology with a Poli Sci minor, and a JD
  • CristinaL1983
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    I'm in my "last year" (it will take me more than a year) of my BS in Physics. I'm probably going to end up doubling with Math.
  • Seminolegirl97
    Seminolegirl97 Posts: 307 Member
    Bachelors Degree from Florida State University
    Major: Family and Child Development
    Minor: Sexuality Education

    Now: working towards an AA to be a registered Nurse.
  • m_wilh
    m_wilh Posts: 375 Member
    Elementary Education K-6
    Reading Certification K-12
  • fShaw86
    fShaw86 Posts: 878 Member
    Interior Design for my bachelors, and International Relations for my masters.
  • Have a bachelor of medicine and surgery, and pursuing a second degree in pure physics.
  • CoachMaritova
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    I'm double majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Christian Counseling, and Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Psychology.
  • links_slayer
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    Chemistry w/ a Business Emphasis
  • veec0
    veec0 Posts: 33 Member
    BS Computer Information Science
  • cmacphee3
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    For my B.Sc. I have an Adv. Major in Biology, and didn't have a real minor, but took general social studies type courses. For my B.Ed. I have a major in Secondary Sciences and a minor in Secondary Social Studies
  • k8eekins
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    I went to Uni not college although I don't really know what the difference is.

    In the U.S. university and college are just two different names for the same thing. I'm not sure how it is in other countries.

    There is a slight difference. In the US Colleges are where the undergraduates attend school for 4 years, oftentimes in a brick and mortar University. In many foreign countries, Uni comprises of Bachelors to Post Graduate studies and our Schools are divided by Specialty. Upon completion of secondary school (high school) with GCE, Le Bac, etc in our world, you may enter into programmes doing a 4 year Degree like Law, Medicine for example, in Britain, British Canada, Australia and other British Commonwealth of Nations.

    In the US you can not graduate from High School with your SATs and APs and think to enter into a Graduate Programme like Law and Medicine. You will still have to finish College then pursue your LSAT and MCAT before applying to the appropriate schools. Now, a student in Britain who graduated from High School last year and has started their Law Degree at say, London University, may do a co-joint Degree via Harvard or USC, where upon completion he or she is a graduate of London University and Harvard University or USC's Graduate Programme in Law (completed within 4 to 4 and a half years). There are slight differences. Another difference is that we tend to choose our Majors and concentrations upon application.

    [email protected] years old were LLB(Hons) /MBA (full not specialised) ~ 4 years.

    Edited to add: Some Universities in Britain recognise SATs ~ If an American high school student has AP + SATs they will need to enter a bridging 6 months programme which is basically a concentration of what they've chosen to major in, reading those subjects for 6 months, usually it's 4-6 months (coursework+exam) before being officially permitted to enter the programme proper. Many Universities have it available ~ pre Uni programmes for the schools to ascertain that you're capable, most especially if you come from a foreign curriculum with differing standardisations. USC (the University of Southern California) has this available.