ChaLEAN Extreme Question?

Ok, I did day 1 of ChaLEAN Extreme yesterday, now what work out/ disk do I do for day 2 (and for the rest of the few months)? LOL! I feel stupid, but I guess I really don't know how the program works hahaha.


  • lin7604
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    i just received mine today and from what i get out of it ... in the book " muscle burns fat" it tells you hat days to do what dvd and what days are rest days. so your 1st week should look like this :

    day1 burn circuit
    day 2 rest day
    day 3 burn circut 2
    day 4 burn intervals and ab burner
    day5 burn cuircit 3
    day 6 burn it off and recharge
    day 7 rest day.

    and repeat
  • butterflylover527
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