To my constipated friends! ;)

Ok, so I am one of those who for whatever reason suffers from constipation...Now, to me being constipated is skipping a day (if you know what I mean). I am not sure what changed in my life where this constipation problem happened, because I use to be REALLY regular, as in 30 minutes after every meal...But something now I suffer with the 7-8 month pregnant look. We went to walmart to find some castor oil (yuckkkk) to help my problem because I was in a LOT of pain! Well luckily I couldnt find any because if you have ever had the "pleasure" of using this is NOT FUN!!! So instead I was standing there look for an alternative with my cell phone in hand researching all the other alternative laxatives, and decided to go with MILK OF MAGNESIA. (I was a little low on money and with with the "equate" generic version cherry flavored version. I took 4 tbls as soon as I got home and within 20 minutes I made a few trips to the bathroom. I instantly felt 100% better! This is my third day after taking it. ( I did take 2 tbls yesterday) and that pregnant belly look is basically gone, and I feel GREAT! Its almost like this stuff has given me more energy! Now, the only will want to take this stuff everyday...BUT DONT! From what I have been reading, your body will get use to it, and once you stop you will be constipated again...instead try taking it as directed, and changing to a more fiberous diet....oatmeal, salad, add a little flax seed for a little extra fiber, and LOTS OF WATER (with out that water, the extra fiber will ALSO constipate you! Its a vicious cycle! But anyway, im very happy with my experience of Milk of Magnesia so far and thought i'd share for any other sufferers of the big "C"!


(ps...this is my third day on here, if you want to add me as a friend, I am always looking for new people to motivate me to reach my goals-and I would do the same for you!) HAVE A NICE DAY!!


  • Oh, and sorry about the BIG LONG paragraph...when I get started I have a hard time breaking...even for a simple paragraph! hehe
  • grapeeyes1
    grapeeyes1 Posts: 237 Member
    My new friend is Fiber One 90 Calorie brownies. I have one a day to keep life good and get a good chocolate fix at the same time.
  • fiferize
    fiferize Posts: 141
    Hey darlin I would suggest to you to buy some Smooth Move Tea instead. It's milder and works as an over night relief. It really does work and probably costs less. A plant based relief method vs. chemical. It's awesome. You can find it in the Tea isle of any grocery store. It's a medicinal tea.
  • SnicciFit
    SnicciFit Posts: 967 Member
    What ended up working for me is eliminating dairy and gluten. Sorry, I'm sure that's not exciting to hear, but it worked!
  • really...I might have to look into that, and give it a try~ Thanks!~
  • mari213
    mari213 Posts: 101 Member
    Add some prunes and flaxseeds to your protein mix.. you'll be pooping in no time! :bigsmile:
  • lilkidtchr
    lilkidtchr Posts: 9 Member
    I snack on Fiber One 80 calorie chocolate cereal during the day. Also, add in a fiber bar here and there. If I don't have the chocolate cereal to snack on, I add a serving of high fiber cereal (they look like little sticks. I got the generic.) to my morning oatmeal. Makes a bigger serving, I feel full longer, and it keeps things, ahem, moving. :wink:
  • Hey! I actually drink almost a cup a night, and it does help (sometimes) but I get really discouraged when I wake up and nothing happens. Thank you though...this is also a great remedy (a much healthy one at least) :)
  • Thanks for the always willing to try new things for this "problem" lol...Ive never had the fiber bars before...i might just have to pick some up! :)
  • Yooperm35
    Yooperm35 Posts: 787 Member
    I've added 20g of Ground flax seed to my daily diet - works wonders!
  • tracymat
    tracymat Posts: 296 Member
    I take Milk of Magnesia like once a week! I'm so glad I found it!!
  • Im glad its working for you too!! :) hehe
  • jcjsjones
    jcjsjones Posts: 571 Member
    PROBIOTICS! Not the "modified" versions or the yogurts, but true probiotic supplements that you get at a health food store. You want at least 4 billion cultures, and more are better. I've been taking them for years, and they work! I can tell within 24 hours if I run out and can't buy them the next day.
  • indygal76
    indygal76 Posts: 284 Member
    I find the 90 calorie Fiber One Brownies everyday help me. You can buy the big box at Sams. I eat one every morning at my snack time.
  • edencrannon
    edencrannon Posts: 34 Member
    I suffer so much too! I've found cutting out wheat has helped but not lots o good old milk of magnesia it is then! Will get some tomorrow! It's years since I've tasted it but if it works I will be a happy bunny!
    Thank for sharing xxx
    Donna xx
  • Cassierocksalot
    Cassierocksalot Posts: 266 Member
    Cutting out gluten worked for me too. I used to go several days in between and ever since I cut out the gluten I've been incredibly regular. The fiber added cereals and dessert cakes just make me super gassy, honestly. I took probiotics for a while but once I stopped taking them, it took a few months for my body to be able to regulate itself, I still take them after a round of antibiotics though.
  • Annette_rose
    Annette_rose Posts: 427 Member
    I have IBS so the fiber thing and all of this is all too common for me, even if I drink a ton of water. I have had two intestinal surgeries where they completely removed the intestines from the stomach and place them back in. Well, doctors can never get them back the way nature intended them to be. So I suffer daily from pain and have already had two scopes and being told that I would have to eat baby food if I want everything to work as it should. :huh: Who wants to eat baby food for the rest of their life.
  • Lauraleeburgess
    Lauraleeburgess Posts: 13 Member
    I turned into a juicer. I have a Veggie Juice at 6:30 am and one before/with dinner. Now I am a "2 a day" at least : )
  • BreeNJesse
    BreeNJesse Posts: 150 Member
    Morning! This is coming from someone who just had a colonoscopy and actually takes meds everyday to help with using the bathroom. I have idiopathic chronic constipation and I'm lucky if I get to go every 4 to 7 days. It's BAD! Coming from a pro, some of the best remedies and also the most gentle will be using magnesium once to twice a day and using miralax. It tells you to only use it for a week but it's gentle enough if you need it more it won't hurt your stomach or intestines.
  • BreeNJesse
    BreeNJesse Posts: 150 Member
    As far as the probiotics go, great idea but what you really want are the ones up around 50 billions, they are refrigerated and you have to ask pharmacies for them or go to health food stores.
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