Other than calories, what else do you restrict?



  • Topher1978
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    I restrict most processed foods. Most of my diet is now whole foods. I wish I did this a long time ago. I eat only elicious food, and I feel so much better!
  • herblackwings39
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    I limit processed sugar and try to spread my carbs out so I don't eat them all at once. It helps to keep my blood sugar more normal.
  • hal1986
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    I restrict sugar - it is a huge trigger! I also restrict carbs and try to watch my fruit consumption, because fruit can run into a lot of sugar too. Let's don't even talk about junk food! I allow myself to have low-cal low-fat popcorn but am concerned about sodium content. No chips for me.

    This is not to say that I don't get off-track, because I do. But I notice when I eat low sugar, low carb and cut out almost all junk food - which is very unhealthy anyway - my eating and calorie counting go better.
  • willdob3
    willdob3 Posts: 640 Member
    I just plain won't eat processed foods. That eliminates a whole heck of a lot of things.
  • I don't know if this relates, but eggs that come out of a bag!! I will only eat an egg if it's directly from the shell.
  • pumpkinspice84
    pumpkinspice84 Posts: 160 Member
    I am trying to watch my sodium because I have a history of high blood pressure. I would also like to cut down on my sugar. Diabetes runs in my family and I want to try to avoid it. It has been a challenge.
  • dixiewhiskey
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    I monitor my sugar intake and pretty much avoid processed foods when possible.
  • Carnivor0us
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    Most starches and sugars, but I'm not totally perfect yet in that regard...
  • ThinUpGirl
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  • JoanB5
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    I try to not eat typical cake/brownie desserts...they sabatoge me.

    Instead: fruits, "a bite" when necessary (to honor a host or event), nuts,

    I'm staying away from white breads: Healthy Life or low fat wheat for me or not at all.

    I do eat baked potatoes, just not loaded, I use veggie juices on it instead, and only 1/2 potato.

    I do not find that artificial sweeteners bother me in my coffee. I do not crave sweets because of it. But, it does save me calories and blood sugar spikes.
  • megleo818
    megleo818 Posts: 595 Member
    I don't eat anything that's breaded and fried (messes with my stomach) and try to avoid salt, within reason. Carb overload makes me retain water, but sometimes that can't be helped. :happy:

    Basically, nothing is completely off-limits, unless I don't like it to begin with. Like I won't eat okra unless it's in gumbo. Just ew.
  • PrettyPearl88
    PrettyPearl88 Posts: 368 Member
    After calories, the next most important thing I try to restrict is fat. Some fat is good for you, so I just try to limit the amount of fat I'm consuming.

    Since I started toning up recently, I've also been focusing on getting enough protein so that I don't lose more muscle than fat in the weight loss process. Sodium and sugar are the next ones that I try to limit a little, but I honestly don't worry about those as much. I've found that when I stay within my calorie and fat limits, get enough protein, and eat generally healthy food throughout the day, my sodium and sugar levels usually aren't too bad.
  • jennifer_417
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    Nothing. I only watch calories. Having said that, it had brought about a huge change in my eating, as I found that I could only eat tiny amounts of calorie-dense foods, and if I ate low-cal foods, I could have MOAR. I won't eat food I don't like, no matter how healthy it is.
  • Cait_Sidhe
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    I don't limit anything other than calories. I try to make my protein goal. That's it.
  • albertine58
    albertine58 Posts: 267 Member
    No actual restrictions besides calories and meat (but I haven't eaten meat in 10 years, so I don't consider that a restriction because it doesn't feel like one).
    That said, at least 80% of my diet is "clean" - I really minimize processed foods and I cook 99% of my meals. I also avoid white carbs and carb-heavy things like bagels, but that's mostly for calorie reasons and to make sure my meals are all as nutritious, low GI and satisfying as possible. But nothing is truly off-limits and if I really, really want that bagel or slice of birthday cake, I just eat it. Or maybe share with someone. No guilt trips anymore, no "perfection," no rules. If I have restrictions, that's a diet. I don't diet- this is my forever healthy lifestyle. anything in moderation, really. and I've lost more weight this way!
  • Pookylou
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    I try and keep an eye on my macros, but don't worry about them too much. I love carbs! I eat everything I used to, just a lot less.
    I don't have take away pizza anymore, 'cause I nom the whole thing if left alone for 5mins...............
  • shivles
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    Sugar, too much and I plunge into a craving/splurge cycle.
  • newmelady
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    Carbs and sugar...................so that restrict a lot of nice stuff. :laugh:
    Well may be I will give in occasionally when I lose the final 7-10 pounds and go in for maintenance.
  • Joehenny
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    Alcohol. Everyone tries to avoid the toxins in processed foods, then happily drowns themselves in poison....irony.
  • Warchortle
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    I restrict caffeine since it's a diuretic and I've noticed it messes with my digestion.. it may not for others, but I was mixing those +energy MiiO knock offs quite often and have felt better ever since I've reduced my caffeine intake.