Other than calories, what else do you restrict?



  • Whitezombiegirl
    Whitezombiegirl Posts: 1,042 Member
    I generally avoid the following:
    - All grains
    - Most beans (including soya products and peanuts) I make an exception for sweetcorn and peas, in moderation
    - Most sugar (High sugar and dried fruits are restricted)
    - Alcahol (gives me migranes)
    - Caffine (migraines)
    - Most dairy (affects my asthma)

    I don'rt eat fish because i dont like it , I hate mayonaise too. I'm a pretty picky eater!

    I try to stick to 90% paleo per day.
  • nomesw84
    nomesw84 Posts: 101 Member
    I try to stay under on saturated fat :smile:
  • Julicat6
    Julicat6 Posts: 231 Member
    No actual restrictions besides calories and meat (but I haven't eaten meat in 10 years, so I don't consider that a restriction because it doesn't feel like one).
    That said, at least 80% of my diet is "clean" - I really minimize processed foods and I cook 99% of my meals. I also avoid white carbs and carb-heavy things like bagels, but that's mostly for calorie reasons and to make sure my meals are all as nutritious, low GI and satisfying as possible. But nothing is truly off-limits and if I really, really want that bagel or slice of birthday cake, I just eat it. Or maybe share with someone. No guilt trips anymore, no "perfection," no rules. If I have restrictions, that's a diet. I don't diet- this is my forever healthy lifestyle. anything in moderation, really. and I've lost more weight this way!

    Basically this,I do still eat meat, but have days where I am totally lacto-ovo vegetarian. Agree, its not a diet, its a lifestyle change to focus on health. Part of that is knowing that its ok to eat something I want as long as i'm otherwise making healthy choices. Not paleo, not "clean" just focused on closer to natural and what fuels my body for all the fun things I do.
  • amandatiffany90
    I'm not perfect by ANY MEANS, but I'm trying, slowly, to switch to a more "whole foods diet". Meats, veggies, whole grains. Less processed or packaged anything.

    That's about it!
  • Chastityx
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    Rice Krispy treats, just because I can't stop till they are all gone.
  • Shadowknight137
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    If I didn't, I'd run out of cash too quickly. :(
  • Warchortle
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    I'm not perfect by ANY MEANS, but I'm trying, slowly, to switch to a more "whole foods diet". Meats, veggies, whole grains. Less processed or packaged anything.

    That's about it!
    Whole Foods diet could be quite expensive :P I heard they give employees discounts proportional to how "healthy" they are. If you go in for a physical and you don't smoke, have no injuries, weigh a certain amount (bmi), etc. etc. your discount is higher than someone who isn't as healthy. I find that sort of effed up. I get it. You cost less, so they're willing to give you better discount.. still seems a little unfair. I can't remember off hand base discount is 20% and you can get 35-40% if you fall under the super healthy category.
  • lauren3101
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    The only things I have cut out since I've started this is sweetener like Canderel, as I did notice it was giving me sugar cravings. I now use Stevia. I also refuse to eat microwave meals any more as after eating healthily for so long now all I can taste is the salt in them, and then don't fill me up at all. And I've stopped having diet coke every day, although I will still have it on a very occasional night out as a mixer.

    Everything else in moderation for me.
  • dovetail22uk
    dovetail22uk Posts: 339 Member
    I don't limit anything other than calories. I try to make my protein goal. That's it.

    This^^ It's hard enough without adding in other things to obsess over.
  • jdad1
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    i restrict myself from all protien, suger, fat, cholestorol, sodium, fiber and fluid. I don't eat any of these at all. Other then these things i eat a plenty.
  • Kanlassak
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    I restrict myself to no more than 3 drinks in a night, maybe 4 if I'm drinking for an extended period. Experimentation has shown that when I get to 5 drinks it ends poorly.
  • lady_in_weighting
    lady_in_weighting Posts: 196 Member
    I try to stick to my macors as much as possible. carbs:protein:fat = 40:40:20

    I dont eat white bread and try to limit refined sugars as much as possible althou i will treat myself at the weekend :)

    MODERATION is the key :drinker: :wink:
  • susiepet
    susiepet Posts: 68
    Bread - because it makes me bloated (or at least heavier for a few days even if cals are fine)
    Alcohol - since I cut down I've lost weight (probably no empty calories and smarter food choices). :sad:

    And as cook nearly all my own food I guess I automatically avoid processed stuff!

  • Lupercalia
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    Foods I'm allergic/sensitive to. I also have to watch my carb sources/intake because I'm insulin resistant.
  • yksdoris
    yksdoris Posts: 327 Member
    dairy and potatoes. And citruses. but all those simply because apparently I'm sensitive to them.

    the more processed and/or low fat the dairy, the less sensitive I am, so I can eat cheese and small amounts of low fat yoghurt... but yeah, for the most part I just avoid milk products.
  • SJLS2013
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    Lactose because I'm intolerant.

    But generally I restrict things that normally I would eat without much though, but would now push me over my calorie count... sweets in particular
  • ktsmom430
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    I do not restrict anything. I watch sodium and carbs and try to limit red meat, dairy, bread, and processed foods as much as possible.
  • Linkdapink
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    I've just started out really...

    But I've really restricted myself on chocolate and cheese. Chocolate because I was going through a few bars/a big bag a day and cheese because I put it on EVERYTHING and now when I eat it I get really icky and a bit dodgy - so my body has pretty much rejected it for me! These were my two biggest calorie hoggers. I could have lived off chocolate and cheese I loved it that much!