How often do you step on the scale?

Soooo.. after a long journey of overcoming a lot of disordered eating problems for 5-6 years, I stopped focusing on eating and ate whatever I wanted. I gained some weight back even though I would occasionally exercise and play tennis. I refused to step on a scale for a while, because when I did it would change my whole mood around and virtually dictate my life. I stepped back on the scale today to find a loss of 2.5 lbs!!! Which brings me to my question... how often do you weigh yourself? I want to get into a routine so I can see my results, but I don't want to get too attached to it.


  • Mostly daily, however I have come such a long way that it doesn't affect me in the negative. I do frown a moment if it hasn't moved but for the most it keeps me on track. When i didn't for a long while the scales went up.
  • london1811
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    I weigh myself about every 3 days, always first thing in the morning before I've had anything to eat or drink. I think weighing every day is kind of silly (at least for me!!!) because of natural fluctuations in your body, and it's easy to get demotivated if you don't see it move or there is a gain! I should do it less often but it's just too tempting!
  • Christylee76
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    Honestly about 5 times a day...I am obsessed I know:)
  • 2FatToRun
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    I was going to do it every monday but I felt like I wasnt losing or maybe gaining so now every time I go potty lol I am a VERY lazy person and I find if it shows I am up a lb or so it is sooooo a motivator to workout/walk immediately lol So far it has been working too I worked out past 2 days in a row :happy: I know it will fluctuate throughout the day but seeing it rise is the kick in the pants I am so lacking lol
  • Dawn4511
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    It rules my mood so I try not too but usually end up doing it daily.
  • prattiger65
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    I weigh everyday, however, I am not obsessed with the scale. I do it to learn more about how my body reacts to certain trends in food, exercise, stress etc. I only log my weight when it is down. I take a long look, like 6-8 weeks and see how much I am averaging per week loss. If I am somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 pound per week, I'm good. With all that said, if you would be obsessed with the scale, I would only weigh once per week.
  • lenoresaari
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    I like to weigh daily; I feel it makes me accountable
  • kluedesigns
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    normally once a month but i just started a 12 week challenge that requires you to weigh in weekly.

    i totally prefer weighing in monthly though - i just don't care what the scale says and i certainly don't need to weigh myself to stay motivated to eat healthy and exercise.

    for example - today was my monthly weigh in day and i'm down 8.2 pounds for the month - that is always fun to see on the scale then 2 pounds a week or 0.27 a day.
  • MercenaryNoetic26
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    Weekly/bi-weekly. Mostly to check bf%
  • kjuve
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    I do it about once a week. My body fluctuates a lot so if I weigh myself everyday I can easily become discouraged. I find that if I weigh myself once a week I see more of a result which makes me feel good and helps motivate me to keep going :smile:
  • AztecKermit
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    I weigh in most days, in the morning.
    Only because I am trying to find out if certain foods are causing fluid retention, I would normally weigh in twice a week.
  • Debbjones
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    I don't weigh myself to see what I weigh... I monitor my weight. In doing so I weigh myself daily. Every morning at the same time. I am obsessive compulsive, so I do not recommend everyone do this... but it works for me. It is how I stay on target and never overeat! At this point I no longer want to lose weight, I would be unhealthy, I just don't want to gain it.
  • mis792
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    I step on the scale once, sometimes twice a week depending on how active I am but always a minimum of once.

    My friend and I are accountability buddies (there isn't a really cool way to say that). Every sunday we weigh ourselves and report back to the other with our findings and we talk about it.

    So if there's a gaining of weight or plateaus, we talk about the challenges of the week and motivate each other, essentially we reaffirm that we're human and that we mess up.

    You can't let the scale run you, you gotta just carry on with your life and spend the free minutes you have ensuring that everything is in order so you can enjoy those finer moments in life.
  • Ashwee87
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    I know I shouldn't but it lets me know that I am on the right track. I don't take it to heart if it is up a couple pounds because I know weight can fluctuate daily from various factors.

    I do an "official" weigh-in though every Sunday morning.
  • hikr00
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    I weigh in every morning. I like to see the daily fluctuations and after a while I could see a pattern emerge with how my body processes food / exercise (and how it all relates to varying stress levels etc).

    However, the only weight that I count is the Friday weight. That's my official weigh in day and that's the one I use to post on MFP and the various other challenges I'm involved in. The daily changes don't affect my focus though whether I'm up or down.
  • toutmonpossible
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    Several times a week, whenever I think of it in the morning before I've ingested anything.
  • CaciaXX
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    Not very often at all, I've weighed myself once this month, but I can tell I'm still losing by looking at myself and by checking how close I am to fitting back into my smaller clothes.
    Due to med side effects I have digestive issues and water retention that would cause fluctuations in my weight.
    Plus I had an episode of EDNOS and don't want to get back there, so more focus on eating healthy and building up my fitness levels than losing weight.
  • pequi12
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    I try to weigh myself and check my measurements every Sunday because that's my rest day, yet sometimes I get curious and weigh myself right after a workout in the middle of the week. I decided to ignore the numbers because it could be lean muscle that is weighing more, also water weight, our body weight fluctuates often during a day so I wouldn't want to be checking it daily.
  • toritoriprind
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    Almost never, I can tell by the way my clothes fit and how I look in the mirror. I think scales can be a great tool if you have a significant amount of weight to lose, but for me it can be really demoralizing when I'm feeling great and my clothes are looser but I step on the scale and see I've only lost a pound. Basically figure out what's motivting for you.
  • JessHealthKick
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    I weigh when I get a chance (at boyfriend's place) if I happen to remember in the morning before eating breakfast... so that means not often! Maybe once a fortnight.

    I am less concerned about weight, more about being healthy and active :)