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Starting over

Has anyone truly started over on MFP?? If so, what were your reasons?

Long story short, I feel like the number of days I've logged in is messing with me.
I feel like I've been here for almost a year now and I should've lost more weight.
The number count really means nothing to me now and it used to encourage me, but now it's very discouraging. Discouraging I've been here xxx days and ONLY lost x amount of weight, vs what I feel I SHOULD have lost. I have been gaining and losing the same 5lbs since Christmas which is really discouraging.

I have since got myself a personal trainer .... she says it happens when the body gets used to the workout so we're switching it up and I kind of feel like I'm starting over. Im hoping to push through the lull I've been having by working with her ongoing. I have to do something, and something has to give. Has anyone truly started over on here??


  • mattschwartz01
    mattschwartz01 Posts: 566 Member
    You're so close to the half way mark. Don't give up now! :bigsmile:
  • adcbing
    adcbing Posts: 10 Member
    I am starting over - today actually! I was down 22lbs and I took a 3 month hiatus only to gain 13 back! What I have realized is that I need something to keep me honest and keep track. BUT - that being said, I found the longer I was on this before, the more frustrated I got as things slowed down. So I stopped weighing myself other than once or twice a month, focused on exercise and how things fit instead of the numbers and I felt great about myself. I always try to jumpstart with a tough workout (I'm an Insanity fan) and it helps build good muscle so I can then go out and run and do the eliptical on easy days. I have about 35 to go so hopefully this will be the start of a new journey. I am giving myself a little more grace this time around in hopes that I can keep this up as a lifestyle change instead of being too strict. Good Luck! You'll be great!
  • kristinalshaver
    Hi, I'm actually starting over today! My problem, however is staying motivated and not falling off the band wagon so the speak. I know several people who have lost a significant amount of weight using MFP. I've heard that the body not only gets use to repeated exercises but also the same foods. Maybe try to change up what you are eating a little. Also, try to eat at least every 2-3 hours and not eat after 8pm. Good Luck! You've done this well so far and have come a long way even though you don't feel this way. Keep going you will figure out what works best for you just don't stop like I have always done.
  • mamabear0222
    mamabear0222 Posts: 455 Member
    Someone just asked for a friend request and sent a little message but I declined it by accident! Sorry!!
    Im usually on this from my phone, the website version is different!
  • SarahWrittenThin
    SarahWrittenThin Posts: 595 Member
    After nearly a year gone I am starting over. I've been back for about 3 weeks now and could use some friends. I know its hard to look at the numbers sometimes but you have to also think of how far you've come rather than how much more you have to lose. It will come. :)
  • XXXMinnieXXX
    XXXMinnieXXX Posts: 3,459 Member
    You lost over 1lb per week! That's a good rate and not to be sniffed at! Just make sure year two is a great one. Busting Plateaus is part of the journey. Think what you have achieved since day one and how you have changed for a few moments. It's not all about the losses, your exercising, you have a trainer, your no doubt feeling better mentally and physically. That's a lot to be proud of in under a year! Own those days and break through that plateau by the end of your year! I think you'd regret losing your days!

    P's I felt like this at one point, I kept pushing got to 92lbs lost yesterday and I'm proud of every one of my 620 days. Yes it took a long time but I had a lot of major obstacles, and day one marked the first day of a completely different person mentally and physically. Something I have to be proud of, no matter how many days it took. Just keep pushing ahead!

    Zara :-)
  • mamabear0222
    mamabear0222 Posts: 455 Member
    So some people do start over. Interesting. I thought I was the only one that felt this way.
    Congrats to all those who are still on the journey!!
  • perfectionisntme
    perfectionisntme Posts: 205 Member
    I did. I fell into a quasi depression when I couldn't run, so I filled my running void with food. I started over a few months ago, because I told myself, I've worked to hard for where I'm at. I am NOT a quitter. It helps that running reliefs stress, too.
  • elainecroft
    elainecroft Posts: 595 Member
    I'm starting over from last week. I think the journey is naturally going to be fits and starts - if if was an easy, continuous process than everyone would be able to do it!
  • drvvork
    drvvork Posts: 1,162
    I've started over - hit goal weight, and did well with maintenance, quite logging, child got ill, gain 60+ pounds and am back. This is about the 3rd time now and am keeping better focus - it's only been about a week or so but I feel I need that little logging and reading daily to help me out.
  • mamabear0222
    mamabear0222 Posts: 455 Member
    thanks good to hear some of you all do start over!
  • bekkadillon
    bekkadillon Posts: 200 Member
    I am also starting over. I had knee replacement surgery in October 2012 and am ready to get back to it! I would love to have some "friends" to help keep me honest and motivated. We can help each other finish this time!
  • marscialuissa
    Hey guys, I'm starting over too. I've been here since last summer and I can't seem to keep it together. Some reliable friends on MFP would BE GREAT every friend I have had on there has stopped logging on and I feel like I'm in it alone.... I need someone who will log every day! I have been doing so for the past year and I can't find someone who will do the same and is worried about what they eat so much, please add me if you are true to your food logging! I NEED SOME SUPPORT THROUGH ALL THIS STRUGGLE!
  • jljshoe1979
    jljshoe1979 Posts: 325 Member
    I guess I started over about 6 weeks ago. I had been logging into WebMD, but their site is sooo not-user-friendly...and there wasn't the community support that is on here. Being able to easily log everyday and connecting with other people has made such a difference for me. One thing that seems to be working so far for me is not expecting 100% all the time. I try to eat healthy and within my calorie range 80-90% of the time. I can go to spin class 3 x's a week, but usually go 1-2. Trying to be perfect is what makes me burn-out, get frustrated and stop completely. Remember the story of the turtle and the hare? I just plod along like the little turtle, trying to take small good steps everyday. In 6-7 weeks, I've lost 8 lbs. Could I have lost more by giving 100% all the time? Maybe, but a small loss is better than any gain, and I know a month from now this will still be working for me.
  • Kagard11
    Kagard11 Posts: 396 Member
    YES!!!!! I started over 2 weeks ago. I just lost my motivation last year, and vowed after a very fat and embarrassing summer lest year that I was going to lose this weight - epic fail!!!!!!! I had to take a longer look at what I was doing to myself, and have just re-entered my quest for better health! You're definitely not alone!
  • violettatx
    violettatx Posts: 230 Member
    I am starting over. I was doing good on here for about 3-4 months, but then the holidays came and I stopped logging food and working out regularly. Boy, was that a mistake! I gained about 8 pounds over the past few months. I started going back to the gym two weeks ago and came back here last week. I love working out and since they just opened a new gym practically across the street from where I live I think I can stick with it this time.

    Don't feel bad about stopping. Feel great about yourself for coming back. That takes commitment!
  • jana_h8
    jana_h8 Posts: 7
    I'm starting over too. About a year ago I stopped really caring that much and I was down to 229. Now I've "Started Over" and day one of starting over found my weight at 251. Even though I've lost 10 lbs, my counter says I've lost 0....because it's still looking at 229#. I cannot locate anywhere to update my new "starting" weight but it's annoying to know I've lost 10...but all I see is a big fat red ZERO on my page.

    Eh....I hope soon enough my weight loss actually begins to register. Lol!

    I probably should have just made a new account.
  • mrsmclarke
    I'm starting over. I joined initially in 2010 and lost 65 pounds that year. January 2011 I had a fall in the backyard and herniated a disc and had a bulging disc and for months could not even stand up straight or walk at a normal pace. I started getting depressed because I couldn't go to the gym and physical therapy was like a taunt to me, knowing before this I was in the gym twice a day 7 days a week and then I was down to no days. I started not watching my food as closely and the weight obviously began to come back. Needless to say other things between then and now have depleted my motivation but I really feel like I am ready to start over again. I gained back in total 44 pounds, which is mortifying to me. Now that I'm trying to get pregnant I really NEED to shed the weight due to health issues. So today, I'm back in the gym... back to watching what I eat... back to logging every little thing that goes into my mouth.

    Please feel free to send me a friend request.. I NEED your support !
  • southpaw211
    southpaw211 Posts: 385 Member
    I'm starting over. I did great last summer and lost over 15 pounds. Then in the fall things got a little crazy at home, I had surgery, the holidays came... et cetera et cetera. I found out yesterday after stepping on the scale that since JANUARY I've gained 20 pounds. I know what caused it (started continuous bcp's in January to manage endometriosis), I just didn't realize how bad it was until suddenly none of my pants fit. So I'm starting over, getting back into good workout habits and getting rid of that 20 and then working on getting to my original goal. Taking the next couple of weeks to plan things out and reorganize the pantry. Getting used to going to be earlier and getting up earlier. Starting JMBR kickstart week on April 29th.
  • iLoveMyAR15
    iLoveMyAR15 Posts: 122 Member
    I was here a couple years ago and lost weight. Last summer i quit smoking and gained some of that weight back. So thus my reason for starting over.