Needing motivation/support to come back after an injury

Back around thanksgiving, I tore a tendon in my foot.
And not just any tendon, the one supporting my arch that goes up the side of my calf. And I'm flat footed so every time I took a step, it tore further.

The pain was pretty awful for a few months. So much that my doc told me to "treat it like a broken leg" or I'd need surgery to fix it up and repair the bruised bone.

I've been pretty much sedentary for going on 5 months.
It's. Been. Awful.

Last month I finally got the go-ahead to start riding horses again, taking short walks and biking. Incredibly happy to start being active again, I go hit the gym.
Only problem is- I hate biking.
But, I do it anyway because it's something active and I'm craving my endorphins.

But like any other addict- I'm craving more. I want that rush again. I want that feeling of having an amazing workout and being sore for days after. And most of all, I want to run again.
Looking at old pictures of me completing my first half, and seeing all the runners out on a gorgeous day makes me ache to get out there.

But I can't.

I can, however- perhaps start some light yoga, and MAYBE elliptical (I have to be careful because I'm still healing and I want it to heal right so I don't have to go through this again!!)
But my problem is motivation.
I've gained about 15 lbs in the past month. I've lost a lot of my muscle mass and I just feel weak in general.
I keep a pretty healthy diet, and stick to my calories rather well.
But I've infamously had problems putting on weight when I don't exercise.

So this is where I need help. What can I do?
What would YOU do in this situation?
I need something that's going to give me that "yeah that was an awesome workout!" feeling. Because even 5 miles on a bike won't make me sore. I want to not be able to walk for days after a workout!!
And I want to get my heart back in shape so when I do start running, it won't whose out on me.

So let me know- because this site has motivated me great in the past, and I'd love to hear what you guys would do! Especially if you've been through an injury before, and how you came back from it.
Or even if you haven't-what you WOULD do.
Thanks! :)


  • allshebe
    allshebe Posts: 423 Member
    It sounds like most aerobic activity still needs to be limited and mild, but you should be able to do weights - either free or machines and concentrating on upper body, thighs and maybe including your good leg/foot. Horse back riding can also be good exercise that can be done without stressing your foot too much - can you ride without stirrups? Sitting trot is a particularly good abs/core workout if you do it correctly (recommend a fairly strong trot on a horse with a soft/mobile back so there's "spring" without being too jarring).
  • vendygirl
    vendygirl Posts: 718 Member
    Have you tried spinning classes? Because the right one will leave you sore! Trust me. Also maybe sign up for some classes (Spinning, yoga, core based cardio) and just let the instructor know UP FRONT that you have an injury.

    Maybe get a trainer? That is what is helping me get my butt back in shape. I am in the same boat, trust me. Not only did I injury my lower back (herniated disc) but I have that annoying plantars fiiatious (or what ever that stupid tendon tearing annoyance is) so I have to make sure I stretch and not push too hard. I had two relapses and finally just managed to get up to walking and light strength training.

    Swimming is also a great exercise or aerobic classes in water.
  • doubleduofa
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    I would do weights as well. I tore my glut or hamstring years ago and now it causes me a lot of pain. Don't push too hard too fast. Ask your dr to refer you to physical therapy. That has helped me a lot..
  • horseryder77
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    Hmm I like the free weights idea, definitely! Should I up the biking though?

    The idea of a trainer and classes is wonderful-although I'm on a VERY tight budget. I am a college student that's graduating in 2 weeks- and I don't have a full time job/might be moving back in with my parents till I get on my feet. So I can't afford extra expenses other than food and rent at the moment.
    I do have a basic gym in my apartment complex though. And I have a pair of running shoes. This is about all I have to work with lol.

    And I've been riding my horse bareback (and no stirrups when I decide to use the saddle) for the last few weeks. He's pretty easy to ride bareback, very little suspension. So it's good- definitely.
    Just not enough to get me to build the muscle I need. I don't really have access to other horses than my own.

    So should I just do weights? I'm worried about all weight lifting and no cardio. I tend to bulk up really easily.. and when I have fat covering those muscles, then I could just be going in the opposite direction of what I want to achieve. Thoughts?
  • JenRunTriHappyGirl
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    Biking is really good for you and is light on your foot. It also helps build up stamina and leg muscles, which will ultimately help you with running. I think that you should bike.... even if you only do a little each workout combined with other workouts. I have been out for a couple of months because of injuries and illness and I totally understand how you are feeling. Remember though, if you push it, you will be back to where you are now. Can you ride a bike outside? Much more fun than the gym and gets you outside enjoying it until you can run again.
  • dluce2569
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    Weight lifting would be good, but stick to endurance training, that's lighter weight with higher will give you that muscle burn, and make soreness later! But it will not make you bulky in muscles. You should burn body fat at a higher rate...then do some kind of limited cardio afterwards... and eat a clean diet.
  • dluce2569
    dluce2569 Posts: 23 Member
    You don't need a trainer...there is an over abundance of meal plans, workouts, and weight lifting sample videos on's an awesome website!