20 lbs in 2 months?

I've been sitting on my last 20+ lbs since June of last year--gaining and losing the same 5 lbs over and over again ever since (SW: 175; GW: 130; CW: 153).

I'm tired of it!!!

I'm 28 years old, 5'8 and work out 3-5 days a week (usually jogging 4-7 miles). Who wants to motivate each other to push on through and lose 20 lbs by 16 June? I want it so bad so I can stop staring at the scale. I think it'll be easier with a buddy because before you go over your limit you'll think that your buddy didn't do it, and it's not fair to them, since you're in this together. I'm big on loyalty (except to my diet, LOL); I'm in the miltary (former active, currenly reservist).

Anyone in?


  • deemartin2
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    I'm down! :)
  • MyfavoriteMe
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    I'm in! I'm at your SW and I would love to break into the 150s by June and lose the rest swimming this summer! Let's do it!
  • tattycakes
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    I wish! I want to get to goal by September at the latest (requires just over 1lb/week) but to be bikini ready before July would be amazing! Count me in!
  • I'm in. would love to lose 20 lbs..My CW is 145.5 lbs..i wud feel happier with 125. :)
  • lorindaleigh
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    I'm in!!! June 16th it is :) Here's to day 1!
  • Me too!!! Need to lose the last twenty!!
  • raspberryk
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    I am 5ft7.5 I started doing slimming world in November and SW 190lb my CW as of last week (put a lb on) 171 GW approx 147.. I am struggling, I can not seem to stick to the sw plan and I can not seem to stick to my calories. I seem to have a 3 week loss 1 week gain pattern going on which could possibly be linked in with my menstrual cycle but it doesn't quite work out so I am thinking it's just me having bad weeks!
    I lost the first half stone really quickly but then we had Christmas and family birthdays but I recovered OK from that however I hovered at around the same weight for a month, then I lost more and hovered at that weight for 3 weeks, I lost 5lb in one week with no real idea how but I've been practically the same weight for 3 weeks again.
    Who knows what it'll be this week, I have not been good at all so probably no loss. I am getting fed up, I want results, I know I have to work at it but I can't get motivated.
    I was hoping to be at goal weight by my birthday in July but I really don't see this happening.

    How are you all planning on losing this 20lb in 2 months?
  • AndreaKZ
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    I'm in too! I really would love to lose 20 pounds by June. I have a vacation planned for the end of June and really have to drop some serious pounds before then.
  • Mommamaddy
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    Count me in!!!

    I am 32.... 5'2 inches. (Teacher ---Summer vacation would be even more exciting in new fun clothes)

    I am 145 this morning!!

    Goal weight 125!!!

    I haven't seen the 120's since I was in grade 3 I swear!
    Very excited to jump on board!
  • checking in..did slim in 6 phase 1 today..was under calorie goal but overdid my carbs and fat. Tomorrow is going to be great..Wud check my intake. :) I m so excited to loose those 20 lbs.
  • lanee08
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    count me in! bikini weather is right around the corner!
  • krizz5u6
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    i'm in! my gw is 120ish or 125 and my cw is 149 so 20 would almost get me to my goal! :)
  • salemnye
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    Sure I'm down. Current weight (this morning) is 191 so just thinking of being 171 by june will be amazing :D And I'd put in a 10k between now and june 16th so that'll be great too :)
  • I'm in! This sounds like a realistic goal weight between now and June 16th. That's approximately 2lbs a week and that's the way to do it.

    SW: 207.8 lbs
    CW: 200.8 lbs
    GW: 160 lbs

    Ideally I would like to be 160 lbs by April 2014 for my June 2014 wedding. Losing 20 lbs between now and June 16th will get me half way there. Let's do this!

    Do you want a daily or weekly check in with our progress?
  • drwydner
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    I would love to join your effort. I am having a VERY frustrated day - the scale won't budge despite my efforts, sometimes I just want to give up my goal. I'm hypothyroid so I have to work twice as hard for 1/2 the result. I've been eating 1200 calories and burning 900-1200 calories, should be losing weight but I'm not :-(. Maybe being part of a group will help....
  • estellem75
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    Instead of thinking of the weight you have been, think of each day as "day one" of your new diet. That way you have a daily target which gets reset every day in your mind.
  • jjoyce408
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  • Dtough
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    Count me in! I am so tired of being over weight and I am working to a healthy weight and special goal!

    SW: 195
    CW: 192 (but I'm on vacation so I may have gained a bit :/)
    GW: 125?

    I'm only 5'1" so my goal may end up being even lower!