Any good cabbage recipes?

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I love eating cabbage! Does anyone have any good recipes they can share?


  • peggy1952
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    My Dad used to make me ham, cabbage and potatoes.
    It was just a ham bone, boiled with wedges of cabbage and quartered potatoes. YUM
    (I would put a little butter on it.
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    Hey there

    Being Irish I LOVE boiled bacon and cabbage :bigsmile: with a few boiled new potatoes :wink:

    I use loin bacon wrapped in a net type bag with no skin so yummy ... nice and easy to cook too just boil everything in hot water :bigsmile:

    I don't like butter or salt so I season it with HP brown sauce on the side once it's cooked :drinker:
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    Well you got the basic corned beef and cabbage but high in sodium. I make cabbage rolls. I steam the head of cabbage then place the neat of your choice then roll and pour tomato sauce over and bake at 350 until done. Then you can either make soup or butter it with the cabbage rolls.
  • peggy1952
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    Printed from COOKS.COM

    □ 1 head cabbage


    □ 2 lbs. ground chuck
    □ 1/4 c. cooked rice
    □ Salt & pepper
    □ 1 can beef consomme


    Heat until hot: 1 can whole tomatoes 1/3 c. brown sugar
    Blanch 1 large head cabbage in boiling water, cutting around the core and pulling off each leaf. Place stuffing in each cabbage leaf, roll and place in large pan. Pour sauce over cabbage rolls. Cover and bake for 2 hours at 325 degrees.

    Don't see why you can't use ground turkey and make it leaner.
  • S_H84
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    Mh the only cabbage recipes I have are two:

    1. This one is actually from my husband when he was still in the military ;) Cut up cabbage in big pieces and boil in water with pepper until tender. Drain and add vinegar over it. We eat it with fish.

    2. This is actually a German recipe. Peel the leaves of the cabbage and shortly boil in water to just make them a little more bendable. In the meantime, mix one package of lean hamburger meat, turkey or lamb meat (whatever you prefer), add salt and pepper and an egg. Then take one leaf and put (a little bit bigger than a golf ball) the seasoned meat in the middle. Roll the leaf into a roulade and secure with string around it so it won't just roll back open.
    Then put all roulades into a frying pan and add a little scoop of margarine (or whatever low fat option you would like) and brown from all sides over low-medium heat. When the cabbage is a nice brown on all sides, add water to the pan and boil at medium heat. Probably around 20 minutes depending on size.
    When done, you can eat it like this or add a nice low fat brown gravy over it. Good with all kinds of vegetables and brown rice.
    Enjoy your "Kohlrouladen" (german word for this types of roulades)
  • elmct57
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    Short Ribs with cabbage (low carb)

    2 tablespoons olive oil
    4 lbs beef short ribs, cut into serving pieces
    1 t to 1T to taste kosher salt or sea salt
    1 t to 1 T to taste black pepper
    1 cup beef stock or beef broth
    2 teaspoons dry mustard
    1/2 cup red wine vinegar
    1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
    1 small onions, sliced (about 1/2 cup)
    1 head cabbage, cut into weges

    Heat oil in a large, heavy pot.
    Brown short ribs on all sides.
    Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
    Add remaining ingredients except cabbage.
    Cover and simmer for 1-1 1/2 hours.
    Add cabbage wedges and cook until cabbage is tender, about 20 minutes.

    Servings Per Recipe: 8
    Calories 1262.5
    Calories from Fat 1031
    Total Fat 114.6 g
    Saturated Fat 48.3 g
    Monounsaturated Fat 53.1 g
    Polyunsaturated Fat 4.6 g
    Trans Fat 0.0 g
    Cholesterol 229.8 mg
    Sodium 306.3 mg
    Potassium 1121.1 mg
    Magnesium 70.5 mg
    Total Carbohydrate 10.0 g
    Dietary Fiber 3.8 g
    Protein 46.5%
  • jamie1888
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    I use Napa cabbage in a stir fry.......

    brown 1 pkg (about 1lb or so) ground lean turkey, set aside

    stir fry together until tender:
    1/2 head napa cabbage (sliced)
    1/2 package or so of pre-mix bag of raw broccoli slaw
    3 green onions sliced
    minced garlic
    2 - 3 tbl low sodium soy sauce

    stir in:
    2 cups cooked brown rice

    Hubby likes to drizzle hot sauce on it. Yummy & filling! Low cal & low fat!

    I love to make this one when I need to see a big bowl of food in front of me!
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    These sound great. I'm going to give them a try and let you know how it came out. THANK YOU!!!
  • kayemme
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    i use cabbage in fresh salsa and also when we make burritos or tacos.

    sometimes we just pile it on beans, basically anything "mexican" style. always cold, always raw.
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    My mum makes this dish for me all the time - it's basically stirfied cabbage with asian dried scallop, soy sauce, a tiny bit of sesame oil and rice noodles (the thin ones). Mmmm!
  • cdavis1126
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    Lazy Cabbage Rolls

    1 large head of cabbage shredded or chopped
    1 onion, diced
    1 lb uncooked ground turkey
    1 cup Basmati brown rice
    2 cups Del Monte No Salt diced tomatoes, pureed (2 cans)
    2 cups of water
    juice of 1 lemon
    1 tsp dill

    Chop up the cabbage and onion, put in the crock pot. It will seem like a lot but it cooks down. Crumble up the ground turkey, place on top of the cabbage. Add in the 1 cup of brown rice, tomatoes, 2 cups of water, lemon juice and dill.

    Put on low for 6 hours, stirring occasionally to incorporate the rice with the liquid.

    This makes 6 - 2 cup servings.

    calories - 223.4
    total fat - 6.2
    Sat. fat - 1.7
    poly fat - .3
    Mono fat - 0
    cholesterol - 53.3
    Sodium - 130.2
    Potassium - 568.8
    carbs - 26.1
    fiber - 6.9
    sugar - 2.9
    Protein - 19.4
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    I love eating cabbage sliced very thinly and eat it basically as a slaw with shredded carrots, etc. I don't usually use a "slaw" mayo based dressing so I call it cabbage salad instead.