Ladies 5'7 -5'8, measurements and clothes sizes?



  • alyssa92982
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    5'7, 132lb size 4
  • pkw58
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    5'8" 128 pounds 34 27 34 Size 6 or 8 US. Small frame, like my clothes fitted, not tight...
  • 302cupcake
    5'8" 165 pounds 36-29-37 and wear an 8 and mostly mediums although I still wear a lot of large and xls as tunics since buying all new clothes is expensive. A year ago I was a size 26.
  • A_Fit_Mom
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    I am 5"8 and started at 185. I was a size 12. I am now, 168 and a size 10. I also have a small frame.

    I am not sure my measurements, I only measure once a month.
  • Sammft
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    I am 5"8 and 140 lbs, 36-26-36

    Wear a UK size 8-10, or 4-6 US
  • jillwater
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    I'm 5'7" & weigh 145. I was down to 138, but stopped counting calories & am back up a little to 145.
    I'm in a size 6 comfortably & some 4's depending on the brand. I have a larger chest so i need size med to large tops.
  • RawCarrots
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    Thank you ladies, it's good to see what my goal will look like :-) I'm still at 177lb (started 190) so good few pounds and inches to go down, can't wait to get into the next size down! Patience is not my strongest quality :wink:
  • typicallystrange
    5'7 on the dot,
    31-24-35.5, 19.5" thighs
    I'm an xs for everything basically, i can do s's and xxs's depending on the store, size 2US (but i have hollister pants that are size 1 and forever 21 size 2 pants that are huuge on me) which is a size 6 australian. I can wear the kids section pants/skirts that are a size (australian) 14-16 i don't really wear tight tops so i don't have a problem fitting into any of them (i always buy oversized) think i'm probably a size 6 there too. It's difficult to find clothes that fit my waist and hips at the same time, especially skirts, my dress size is (australian) 6but i can squeeze a size 4 and wear a size 8 without it looking too big in some brands
  • Siansonea
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    I'm 5'8", 137 lbs, my current measurements are 38-29-37, and I'm in a size 8-ish. Clothes sizes are all over the map though, I buy 6s sometimes and 10s other times. I try not to get hung up on the number, I just buy the one that fits. I was wearing 12s when I started, at 152.5 lbs.
  • jenilla1
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    This is an ancient thread, but I'm here, so: 5'7", 130 pounds, size small or medium in tops and 6 or 8 in pants, depending on the brand. I seem to have a huge clothing size compared to other people my weight, and compared to plenty of people who weigh a lot more than me, but I don't look it. I guess we all "wear" our weight differently...:flowerforyou:
  • buttshrink
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    In 5'9". I started at 256 a size 20. I am now at 196 a size 14.
  • vsangelwings95
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    i'm about 5'6.5-5'7ish
    120 lbs
    bust: 32
    waist: 25
    hips: 36.5
    my sizes are xs/s for tops, but more likely xs and us size 4/5 for bottoms
  • Grizelda76
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    Hi, I'm almost 5'8 i'm currently 149 lbs and a size 10/12 UK. I have big boobs, a small waist but carry most of my weight on my hips, bum and thighs. Not measured for a while so not sure on those. I've lost 15lbs so far with 9 to go. Unfortunately, I always seem to lose weight from my hips bum and thighs last! Typical eh :)
  • RawCarrots
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    I'm glad to see this thread bumped as I've come a long way since I started it :wink:

    I'm now 151lb (and 1lb away from goal, but will most likely continue aiming for another 10lbs or so) and size 10UK (6usa?) :smile: Thank you to all who posted at the time, it was a great motivation!!
  • Alisontheice
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    I'm 5'8" and about 144/145 lbs. Trying to get rid of the last 5lb. I'm Canadian so US sizes here.

    Jeans - size 6
    Tops I buy medium but got a couple of smalls recently and the med I have on now is a bit big.
    Had to get smaller bras as I'm no longer a D cup. :(
  • nikkialeece
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Size: 4 US
    Measurements: 36-26-37

    I have a small frame. I would like to lose about 5 more pounds, and tone up. I don't want to be smaller than a size 4! :smile:
  • catnorbury
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    I am a typical pear, can get away with size 14 uk in dresses and tops but 16 at moment in jeans or trousers, weight 173lbs and 5,7. Also really depends on where clothes are from, the cheaper the shop generally the bigger the size! :smile:
  • sarawr66
    5'8 120 lbs
    Bust- 35
    Waist- 25
    Hips- 36
    Sizes- shirt- small, pants- 5, dress- 6