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Boca burger recipes?

I LOVE Boca burgers, but find them rather boring the way I cook them (grilled with a 100-cal wheat bun and a slice of fat free american cheese). Does anyone have some good recipes or suggestions for cooking these things?


  • KatieM7
    KatieM7 Posts: 588 Member
    Are you eating the original or other flavors? The original is a little boring but the have a bruschetta (sp?) flavor that is not boring at all.:smile:
  • jsnook0211
    Just the original vegan ones from Costco... I didn't even know they made other flavors. Haha.
  • cdavis1126
    cdavis1126 Posts: 301 Member
    Try 1 tbsp of garlic hummus and a slice of tomato, really really good!
  • sarahcolby
    If you like avocado try slices on the burger. also check out the other flavors!