Hot Dogs.....



  • spaghetti93
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    zweigles white hots.... put everything on them.
  • ninerbuff
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    Lol, if you're Filipino, you cut them up and put them in with spaghetti noodles and ketchup.

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  • JessicaDumont2
    JessicaDumont2 Posts: 100 Member
    With ketchup, chili and cheese. :)
  • sunman00
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  • SarahDavs
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    I'm a freak: I love Big Franks, a certain brand of vege-dogs and I'm not even a vegetarian anymore. But I grew up on them. I like them heated, dipped in secret sauce (ketchup, mayo and pickle juice. ;-)
  • Tiznonay
    Tiznonay Posts: 124 Member
    For max deliciousness: bacon wrapped with cheese and maybe some ranch dressing

    But for a healthy option, the Tofurkey brand veggie kielbasa's are pretty amazing! Lotta protein too!
  • RunFarLiveHappy
    RunFarLiveHappy Posts: 805 Member
    All beef or all turkey dogs...grilled, mustard (yellow, spicy, brown, Dijon; no matter lol) sliced tomatoes, dill pickle spear (claussen or Carnegie deli style)!!!

    Or cheese sauce & jalapeños!

    If anyone says ketchup I will CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **ETA officially sad by how many mentioned ketchup
  • 1cfeldman
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    My husband and I own a Hot Dog cart and only serve Sabretts. We have the spicy brown mustard and the BBQ Onions & Sauce.
    Check us out at
  • herblackwings39
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    Hebrew Nationals or similar skinny not plumping hot dogs grilled or cooked in a dry cast iron skillet till covered with burned bits, topped with mustard, onions, and dill pickle relish. Butterfly cut and pan fried with a bit of oil is also an option. Fried requires sharp cheddar cheese, jalapenos, raw or caramelized onions, and mustard.
  • MelsAuntie
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    Bratwurst ( plain hot dogs are boring) with spicy brown stone ground mustard, on a bun.
  • KimberlyDCZ
    KimberlyDCZ Posts: 525 Member
    kraft mayo with olive oil on the bun, then the dog (Nathan's all beef) topped with a thin line of mustard, homemade chili, finely chopped red onion, and homemade cole slaw (slaw always on top) :tongue: << DROOL!
  • KimberlyDCZ
    KimberlyDCZ Posts: 525 Member
    No one else here likes chili and slaw? You all must be from the North. I can't eat a hot dog without some good cole slaw.
  • stephelan
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    At a Bruins game with ketchup and a beer. (On my cheat day of course...)
  • dfonte
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    If I am out and don't want to make a mess. Just a little mustard.

    If I'm eating at home. Mustard, relish, onions, pickles.

    I usually buy the turkey dogs, because I'll go through at least 8 hot dogs, and I can do this and keep my macros delicious.
  • meredith1123
    meredith1123 Posts: 843 Member
    Mustard goes on first. Then jalapenos, cheese sauce, and ketchup. Dill pickles optional. Also, if you spiral cut them before cooking, there's more surface for the condiments:

    We stick our hotdogs on a skewer, then spiral them and grill them. It also makes them fit the bun better.
    Chopped relish, onion, jalapeno, mustard and sometimes sweet pepper & onion relish.
  • LindseySprake
    LindseySprake Posts: 333 Member
    What's your favorite way to eat them?

    Grilled with mustard, relish, onion for me.

    THIS :love:
  • dennik15
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    Hoffmann's Snappy Griller (coney) with spicy brown mustard. Must.Have.One.Now.
  • ChristinaR720
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    For max deliciousness: bacon wrapped with cheese and maybe some ranch dressing

    But for a healthy option, the Tofurkey brand veggie kielbasa's are pretty amazing! Lotta protein too!

    You should have stopped at "bacon wrapped with cheese"! You lost me after that! LOL!

    I like plain old ketchup and mustard or ketchup and chili...Boring, I know!!
  • sc10985
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    Only Sahlen's brand, on the grill and with lots of ketchup!
  • LATeagno
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    I only buy the Applegate Farms Grassfed Organic 100% beef ones. They're so good-- and only like 110 calories. No snouts or anything, and no nitrates. Yum!

    My favorite toppings are coleslaw and hot sauce, but I don't eat the bun! :)