Are your abs out of hiding yet?



  • 1Kristine1
    1Kristine1 Posts: 697 Member
    No :cry: :sad: :brokenheart:

    Edit: Im sure my BF% is still up there tho..
  • TavistockToad
    TavistockToad Posts: 35,719 Member
    my top ones are more visible since i started insanity... the rest are still too shy and hiding under some fat!
  • mareeee1234
    mareeee1234 Posts: 674 Member
    Not yet :(

    That line down the middle is getting a little more defined, as well as those two lines on the sides now... but there is still sooo much body fat there!!! Gottaaaa keep lifting!!
  • JessHealthKick
    JessHealthKick Posts: 800 Member
    ... this is so depressing, a month ago my BF% was apparently about 33% which I find so hard to believe when looking at those pics online which show comparisons as well as much high muscle%. But 18% is far off, that's for sure. Would be nice....

    *dreams* :sad:
  • mrdexter1
    mrdexter1 Posts: 356 Member
    my partner has all her abbs showing but still hasnt lost what she wants to on the legs and my young son does as he s on the doorstep of teenage yearsand very active...I m obviously the fatty in the house but thats changing and that ackelade will be held by the dog soon !!!!
  • amiaow
    amiaow Posts: 35 Member
    I have a fairly even fat distribution and hold lower ab fat like a lot of women. My abs came out of hiding after months of strength training and some fat loss. I haven't had a DEXA yet but I assume I'm around 17%BF. If you have more of a pear shaped body, you can see abs at a higher body fat percentange than someone with even or tummy-based fat distribution. There's a lot of genetic influence at work!
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