Diet Pills

I know, I know... they don't work unless you're eating right and working out. With that being said, anyone used any that have HELPED?


  • I was told about Adipex which has to be prescribed by a doctor but, I have yet to try it. I will let you know how it goes.
  • lizlovestrees
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    blarg! I haven't seen a doctor in 11 years due to lack of insurance lol but if you hear of any others let me know :)
  • SarahDavs
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    Prescription weight loss pill: Phentermine, I lost about 40-50 pounds in a super short amount of time with no exercise. And yes it does work, really, really well. It's probably the most effective weight loss pill in the US. BUT that was 5 years ago, I had a baby after losing all the weight and gained it all back. Now Phentermine doesn't work for me, my doctor says it's because sometimes if you take a pill, stop taking it and try to take it again it just doesn't work the same in your body the 2nd time. Too bad, because I was really putting a lot of hope in it working after I had my baby. :3
  • KirstenMarie18
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    I have also taken Phentermine and it worked really well BUT once I stopped taking it I gained back the 20 lbs I had lost PLUS 20 more!
  • BajaDreamin333
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    Rx diet pills are rarely covered by insurance, so they can be expensive. Phentermine and Adipex are the same thing. Some come in tablet form (breakable which makes taking 1/2 a dose easy) and some in capsule (time release). They suppress your appetite and give you an energy boost, like 10 cups of coffee would. Some people call them pharmaceutical speed. However, they can cause sleeplessness (A LOT) and aggitation. They make some people very cranky and anxious. Yes they work but the side effects and cost are not really worth it. Plus if you are prone to insomnia, these could keep you up, even a day after. They are also somewhat addictive, meaning when you stop, you either miss the "high" or are so ravenous you eat everything in sight.

    I do some work here and there with the FDA, and there is almost always some OTC miracle drug that is being recalled for safety and health issues, if not blatent infractions of "Truth in Advertising.". Even the seemingly benign concoctions at stores like GNC can cause nausea, headaches, gas, intestinal trouble and are unproven. I would steer clear. There is no magic bullet. Change your eating habits and your emothional eatting trigger will adapt.