My name is Colleen, I have always thought myself as the fat girl. As a child I always had a bad knee and it kept me from playing much, and I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am wanting to lose these pounds so that I can once again fit into a towel I want to play with my dogs I want to be that sexy lady for my man. but most of all I want to have children and have a family with him. Having PCOS and being over weight makes it near impossible to have children.

Any friends and encouragement will help me more than you will know.

Here's to my new life.


  • cookn_mama
    cookn_mama Posts: 228 Member
    You have made the first step!!! Welcome aboard!!! Add me if you like. We can all use encouragement. Good luck.
  • colleenwallander
    colleenwallander Posts: 15 Member
    Thanks! I will this honestly is the first place I have tried were low on funds with this place being free I'm willing to give it a go!
  • Laurenmp16
    Laurenmp16 Posts: 344 Member
    Best of luck on your journey! I will send you a request. My diary is open and having friends to encourage/support each other has made a huge difference for me. It can be frustrating without some encouragement. Anyone feel free to add me!