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Good morning/afternoon, my fellow FitnessPals. :)
Recently, I've heard a lot about this "Last Diet" on the radio in my area (central Montana). I'm not advertising for it, but I was wondering what you all thought of it? Despite being a member of MFP for several months, I feel I still don't have a really good grasp on "eating well" and how it relates to my life.
You guys always seem so well-informed. Could you take a look at the website listed below and tell me if it looks like it's on the level? I have a tendency to fall into fad diets, but this one claims it's supposed to help for the long-term, too. Does anyone have any experience with it? Generally, I trust the advice I read here in these forums more than any customer testimonial the company could throw at me.




  • allshebe
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    1. I'm betting it's not cheap, since there are a bunch of prepared foods and supplements you have to buy
    2. Not sustainable and doesn't teach you how to eat properly
    3. Very high protein and (I suspect) very low carb - again, not sustainable as proteins don't "burn" as efficiently as carbs for energy - too many contraindications (kidney or liver problems, pregnant and - I think - one or two others) suggesting lack of total healthiness and safety
    4. Will probably gain most of the weight back (and maybe plus) when you go back to "normal" eating, because it doesn't teach how to make good choices.
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    It is ideal protein....high protein low carb....low calories...it does work....but if you don't change after you gain back...if you do high protein 120 grams and low carb 50 to 60 and calories at 1200 and cut out sugar...it will do the same...but I do know lots of people who have lost lots of weight on ideal protein...
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    A great grasp for eating well..is clean eating by tosca Reno....