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Reslts from Jamie Eason Live fit?



  • justjenny
    justjenny Posts: 529 Member
    bump for later
  • amiaow
    amiaow Posts: 35 Member
    I did it last year and had good results- I have week by week photos on my bodybuilding profile with the same username as here. I wish I'd known then what I know now about diet though, her diet is pretty 'bro' for want of a better word.

    If I did it again I would also take a deload week between phases and probably ditch the cardio in P2, it's just not necessary. I had tendonitis in my knees by Week 10.
  • lripson28
    lripson28 Posts: 213 Member
    It's so great to see your guys' progress and opinions on this. I recently found this program and am starting my first day tonight.
  • Lian73
    Lian73 Posts: 1 Member
    Wow amazing to see your fantastic results, I did attempt jamie Easons challenge last year but not properly, where as this I will try to do better, if I was to work put from home as my gym is tough to get to with winter, would I stick to the push and pull day at home for 12 weeks straight?
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