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aquavitae30aquavitae30 Member Posts: 43 Member Posts: 43
Anyone else find the picture of the girl holding the fruit cup on the login page annoying? Just having to see that picture 2-3 times a day (yes I login that often, sometimes more) is starting to grate on me. I think they are due for for an update.

Just my two cents. :tongue:


  • MakeLifeBrightMakeLifeBright Member Posts: 176 Member Posts: 176
    :laugh: LOL I never thought of it until now ... :huh: :noway: :flowerforyou:
  • RMX82RMX82 Member Posts: 172 Member Posts: 172
    I don't like that one ad with the before/after of that girl's gut hanging out. When I worked at an office it was embarrassing to log into this site because that giant picture on the side, lol. Now I have an in office ad so I don't care as much, but it's a very odd ad.
  • aquavitae30aquavitae30 Member Posts: 43 Member Posts: 43
    Yes, I don't like the before/after gut picture either, and it totally looks like she's just sucking it in. It's like those ads where they add wrinkles and age spots on a picture and magically erase them. :laugh:
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