Hello to everyone

My Name is Norine I am re-introducing myself I recently had a bad health scared that really left me in the loop but trying to set up good healthy and realistic weightloss goals to improve my health. I need to keep a daily log on what I eat drink and exerisce. It going to be a number one challenge to keep record on my progress. If you like to share anything that you do ,that can help me feel free to share with me. Much love and Peace!


  • tamrod2
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    For me finding MFP was a life saver and so easy to log your food! Also having a good support system. Feel Free to add me as a friend:happy:
  • colleenwallander
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    I think the visual of seeing of what I have already ate is beyond helpful and with a family were money is tight it's beyond nice this place is here for us. Just keep at it and there will be other's cheering you on!
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    Hello. My name is Tam and I have been seriously overweight for over thirty years. This past February my weight was less than it had been since the late 80's. Keeping track of what I eat and drink and being encouraged to exercise have been tremendously helpful. Glad to see others who are pressing forward.
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    MFP has been a big help to me as well, having a great support group made a big difference also. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is log all my meals and snacks in so that away I know what my calories are going to be for that day. It is so much easier if you have your meals planed out a head of time. That's why when I do my grocery list I go a head plane out all my meals for the week that a way with my busy day's I don't have to wonder what I'm doing for breakfast, lunch or dinner I have them wrote down on my calendar. This has worked well for me and my family, I keep good healthy snacks so that a way I don't over do it at meal times. Hope this helps you in some way.. :)

    Good luck on your journey
    Welcome to MFP!