12 Months Completed

ladyark Posts: 1,101 Member
I started this health quest in May of 2012. My goal was to lose 50 pounds. Little did i know how much i would come to love fitness and feeling better and pushing my body to do things i never thought i could. I wasent even sure i would stick with it long enough to lose 50 pounds. I started by making better food choices and watching how much i ate. Then i added cardio and then a few months after that weight training. When i passed the 50 lb mark i knew i couldnt and wouldnt stop there. I was having too much fun.

Through gallons of sweat, Many bottles of ibuprofin, 2 injuries, A handful of binge days, Many days of frustration but even More days of Satisfaction Perseverance when i wanted to quit, pushing myself thru the pain, never giving up hope, determination and LOTS of devotion and most of all BELIEVING I CAN......I have lost 80 pounds , went from a tight size 20 to a loose size 8 .

I cannot wait to see what the next 12 months has in store for me. Im thinking more weights, more muscles , cleaner eating and so much more to learn and do.

I hope i did this right to load the before and after pics. If not, they are my profile pic.




  • ladyark
    ladyark Posts: 1,101 Member
    Well i cant seem to get them to post...
  • illgetthere145
    illgetthere145 Posts: 17 Member
    Great job! That is an amazing loss!
  • kindasortachewy
    kindasortachewy Posts: 1,084 Member
    Fantastic, you look great!
  • weffie11
    weffie11 Posts: 91
    Well done! Keep at it - it can be so addictive can't it!
  • selmafeki
    selmafeki Posts: 48 Member
    Amazing journey! I wish you all the best for the next coming 12 months!
  • kcragg
    kcragg Posts: 239 Member
    What an amazing transformation, you look fab and should be really proud of yourself:)
  • cybersheel
    cybersheel Posts: 145 Member
    Fantastic results - you look great!
  • killervogel5
    killervogel5 Posts: 24 Member

    I only started MFP in July of last year but I bought a scale exactly one year ago today and the numbers on it shocked me!! And now, 365 days later, I too have dropped 80 pounds using MFP! You have so much to be proud of.

    Kudos to you!
  • hfester
    hfester Posts: 114 Member
  • koootenay
    koootenay Posts: 126 Member
    AMAZing! :happy:
  • CCusedtodance
    CCusedtodance Posts: 237 Member
    Good job on all that HARD WORK. :drinker: Your success is definitely showing!
  • ladyark
    ladyark Posts: 1,101 Member
    Thank You!!! I honestly think using MFP and having a support system is the way to go. I dont think i would be this far along if i didnt.
  • Sherriediva1
    Sherriediva1 Posts: 345 Member
    You ROCK!!
  • kg047
    kg047 Posts: 95 Member
    Congrats! You look great!
  • onwarddownward
    onwarddownward Posts: 1,683 Member
    Wow, you've remade yourself! I'm very excited for you!
  • wow!! that's brilliant! you must be well proud of yourself! :D:D
  • BeautyAndStrength50
    BeautyAndStrength50 Posts: 271 Member
    Great transformation.. You are a inspiration to all.. Keep up the great work.. :)
  • Jedil
    Jedil Posts: 62
    You look amazing!
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