Scotland/UK People?



  • jaz050465
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    I'm from the UK but living in Scotland now.

    ???? Scotland IS in the UK
  • Hiii,

    im from the UK, just starting my weight loss journey feel free to add :)

    Katie :)
  • ravey12
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    Manchester lets get shredded :) !!!
  • I'm thinking that I am the furthest South, in Bristol. However I did live in Aberdeen for nearly 5 years. Good luck to everyone. It would be great to add up figures in a month or so to see now much less weight is pushing down on the UK.

    I'm south too! London! :)

    It's so nice to see so many other UK'ers on here! Hurrah! It's nice to sneak a peek at your diaries because we shop at similar stores.
  • mrscoops79
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    Hi there, I am in London. Started on here yesterday.

    Well done of the great weight loss so far, I did 30DS previously- it's a great work out isnt it! Just wait for level 3-ouch!

    I am here to lose some weight I put on slowly after my wedding 10 months ago. I need lots of friends and motivation to keep me going though so feel free to add me (and others feel free too!)
  • Hey everyone.

    I'm gill I live in edinburgh! Used to use this but really lost my way. Hoping to get back into it now.

    Add me xx
  • smuu1991
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    birmingham girl here :)
    been on mfp just under 2 months but cant keep motivated!
    love the support you can get from here,
    feel free to add :)
  • fairywings81
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    Hey Im in Fife, have a LOT of weight to use. Joined MFP long time ago but never actively used it - on it now though and on a mission to shed some of the beef!
    Feel free to add :)
  • I'm from the US but now call Scotland my home. I live in Livingston and would love some Buddies from Scotland! :)
  • Jim_1960
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    Livingston here and on MFP since October 2012.

    Hope you are all "smashin this up"
  • heatherfrew
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    Hey I'm from Glasgow, been on MFP for a while but only started properly logging again a couple of months ago. Back in the swing of it now, I love being able to keep track of everything I eat. I think I only really have about 5 more lbs to go but they are always the hardest :tongue: :smile:
  • uncletitch
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    Hi I'm from ayrshire. only downloaded the app a couple of days ago this is my first time on the website. Was actually down at a decent weight a few yrs ago so I know I can do it. Just need to get off my backside and do it again.

  • I'm from Cardiff. I'm welsh :) Just started this today, and so far so good :) I love seeing people who are motivated to get and keep in shape :)
  • sarahf3092
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    I'm from good old Aberdeen :)

    Feel free to add!
  • lady_in_weighting
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    Im from aberdeen :)

    Ive been trying to gain weight and finally gained 1 stone.

    Rachael x
  • julesy_b
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    bonnie scotland ;-)
  • aprilcherryblossom
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    I'm from Scotland (: I live in the Scottish Borders.

    I'm trying to lose a lot of weight. So far I'm 11lbs down.

    Feel free to add me. It's always nice to have some support!
  • chandy2809
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    Im in the UK - Portsmouth - couldnt get that much further away from you haha! anyway - ADD me anyone - be nice to speak and have motivation from UK'ers :-)

    Have lost 2 stone on SlimmingWorld but due to medication im taking a break and using this as it is more structured and im enjoying it!

    Weigh in is in two weeks (doing it monthly!)
  • DawnieB1977
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    Hi, I'm in England. I'm in East Sussex but originally from North Yorks. I've lost 60lbs since my daughter (my 2nd) was 8 weeks old and she'll be 2 this Sunday!

    I'd like to lose another 5-10lbs and just tone up more. I exercise a lot and eat around 1500 calories a day.
  • Hi, I'm from London, Been on here and trying to get in shape for my wedding. I need to loose at least another stone by August!