Acne & Weight Loss

I have had acne since I was a teenager and at the age of 26 it does not seem to have gotten any better. With the use of Proactiv I have less breakouts it seems but I wondered if anyone noticed clearer skin with weight loss. I have read that weight and what you're putting in your body can have a huge impact on your skin.

Do you have less severe acne after weight loss & a better diet?


  • Ashwee87
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    I've fought acne all my life and I still have it at 26 yrs old. Though not nearly as bad as it was when I was a teen. The only time my face was almost completely clear was when I was pregnant. I noticed lately that I don't have many bumps on my face, but along my jawline and neck I have gotten quite a few recently. :/ My face is now mostly just a bunch of blackheads. x_x

    I hope that my face can clear up as I lose weight but I am not holding my breath. I tried Proactive before and I must be a special snowflake because it didn't work for me. ;-;
  • eep223
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    Weight loss never helped my acne. My skin overall seems healthier when I drink loads of water though!

    Adult acne is the most unfair thing in the world. WHY do I have pimples and wrinkles at the same time?? Not cool.
  • eep223
    eep223 Posts: 624 Member
    I hope that my face can clear up as I lose weight but I am not holding my breath. I tried Proactive before and I must be a special snowflake because it didn't work for me. ;-;

    Don't feel bad, didn't work for me either. I found it too irritating. :(
  • Zelinna
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    I never really had acne as a teenager and it wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I would get breakouts (typically around TOM). Since I started working out, eating better and drinking A LOT more water my breakouts seemed to have stopped. I have also been more consistent with removing my make-up at night, so that probably plays a part too.

    ** ETA knock on wood! :)
  • lastfrenchfryever
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    Changing my diet has helped and so has switching up my skin care routine (I'm using Mario Badescu, available at Ulta). I used to be permanently broken out - blackheads, whiteheads, and bumps. I still get occasional breakouts but the acne is at bay for the most part.
  • SmartAlec03211988
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    My acne improved tremendously changing my diet!
  • meeper123
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    I fought tis battle most of my life I noticed something though I cut out some of the greasy food and my face started clearing up a bit also started drinking tons of water and moisturizing regularly I have normal skin oily/dry so I use clinque products I love them Have you exfoliated as well? Anything with apricot or peach is awesome. They are fairly cheap as well just use it every other day. I also cut out a lot of milk products and that really seemed to help. I am now down to just a few pimples every now and then I use to be a real pizza face
  • avondaleklr
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    When I lost a little over 42 pounds my sophomore year in high school, my acne seemed to not be as frequent, with an occasional breakout but not as bad as it is now after I had gained some of the weight back. But by eliminating (or limiting, rather) certain poor food choices out of your diet, and replacing it with better options, your face will clear up better with those beneficial nutrients.
  • MarineCodie
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    More water helps me as does a better diet.

    But, I'm still battling it no matter how fit I am.
  • Justkeepswimmin
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    Actually weight training brought my hormones into crazy mode and I had to go on acne meds again for like the first time in a decade.
  • Emtabo01
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    My skin greatly improved when I stopped drinking soda and eating chips (ie changing my diet)
  • MrsBioChem
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    Weight loss does not help. However, I found that a good 90% of my acne is due to food allergies.
  • MorgueBabe
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    What you eat really makes a difference.
    High omegas and lots of water.

    I don't wash my face but I clean it with a mix of Olive and Castor Oil (It's called OCM) you can find information on YouTube and places it works AMAZING.
  • ittybittybadonkadonk
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    Since I started taking biotin my skin, hair and nails look healthy and drinking lots of water
  • arhummel
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    I have always used some sort of acne medication since I was a teen. Since I have lost weight (only 16 lbs so far) my skin has cleard up so much. When I was at my heaviest my acne was aweful!!
  • amberrgib
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    I don't think weight loss itself helps with acne, but what you're putting into your body and the advantages that come with exercise when trying to lose weight definitely do. I had the same problem, I am 25 and have struggled with acne since I was 14 or 15. Nothing worked, I've tried practically everything on the market (Prescription cleansers, multiple antibiotics, chemical peels, etc) except Accutane and I refuse to do that because of the side effects. However, just in the last few months I have completely gotten rid of mine! I use Glotherapeutics acne cleanser twice a day and the Glotherapeutics oil control emulsion in the morning after I wash my face. At night, I use an OTC benzoyl peroxide spot treatment all over my face. It doesn't take much, less than a nickel-size amount but use it all over instead of just as a spot treatment. The brand is AcneFree (severe) and it's called Terminator 10 and it's only $5 a tube at Walmart. I don't even break out now, I may get one pimple here or there a month is all! Everyone is different so who knows if it will work for you, but I wanted to share because I have been where you are and if I had known I could find my fix without a prescription before I would have done it a long time ago! Good luck!
  • 9jenn9
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    I feel for you. I'm 47 and have had acne since I was a teen (with the exception of when I was pregnant). I started with garden variety acne, which responded well to proactiv. Then I segued into hormonal middle aged acne along my jaw. Weight and water consumption have had no impact. I've got it under control now due to retin a plus a sulfa lotion. The sulfa lotion also works wonders on work out back acne!
  • auteurfille22
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    Now, I'm not sure how helpful or relevant my experience will be for you, but I thought I would answer. I'm 18 and I've had acne since I was 11. It was probably at its worst around the ages of 11-14. It was still pretty bad afterwards, though. But now that I've started eating better and exercising, my skin is really clear! I still have all the scarring of course, but not any breakouts! I don't want to say that my acne is "gone" yet because I feel like that's being too hopeful, but since I've started this I have had nearly perfect skin with the exception of a couple of hormonal breakouts - and by that I mean one pimple around that time of the month! My skin wasn't as terrible as many people's are before though, and I am young so it may partly just have been going away on its own, but to answer your question, yes my skin did get much clearer! I hope yours does too :)